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Barcelona comes to annoying classic with referees – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Everyone talks about the fair as it goes and in Barça that of the referees was twisted in Anoeta. The president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, was responsible for filtering the press that this Sunday send a letter to the president of the ETF, Luis Rubiales, complaining about the misapplication of video arbitration in the last match, in which the Barça claim penalty in Gerard Pique. Him Barça the medal that was one of the great drivers of the implementation of the VAR in The league because he believed in technology and put pressure on UEFA to approve him in the Champions League. With its nuances, since it requested an enhancement of the tool, it openly declared itself "radical" from VAR. It was the qualifier he explained on February 25th.

"We are drivers of VAR. We radically believe in it. It is an excellent tool to help referees and reduce their margin of error. It is essential that the VAR continues to function. and its operation is improved, but its protocol should not be reviewed based on a part. If we were to draw conclusions based on these circumstances, we would enter into a very dangerous dynamic because everything would be under suspicion. What concerns us is playing well, showing and winning; We can't apologize all day. "This thesis of Barça, made public by Josep Vives, fell into broken bag ten months later. Barça, who proclaimed that the VAR protocol should not be revised based on a part, protests a part.

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The players also protested, although in this case they should be dismissed. Barça soccer players, like the guild in general, have never been very convinced or believed in VAR together. Busquets, Barca's second captain, expressed the feeling of the costume, that he did not understand the difference in treatment between the action of his penalty and that which was not granted by the arrests of Gerard Piqué. The fact is that Barca lost two points in a game that was transcendental, not only for the classic but also for LaLiga's future. It is hot Bartomeu and his acolytes have leaked this letter that this sunday will be sent and that resembles the call that Florentino Perez Last January, Luis Rubiales complained about the application of the VAR.

Then comes the Barça, upset with the referees in Classic. But it's hard to think of the club ending its speech for the remaining three days until the game. Quite possibly Valverde, in its usual line, contain it at the pre-game press conference. It is not convenient to change the environment, and Barça must not forget that he bragged about his office work to speed up the implementation of a VAR which, without going further, last year granted him a (fair) fine for demolishing Suarez before Varane in the classic 5-1.