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Barcelona denies negotiation with Democratic Tsunami – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Barcelona denies negotiation with Democratic Tsunami


A resounding "no". Barcelona has never negotiated with the Democratic Tsunami or felt pressured into organizing the classic. "We had no communication with the tsunami, we didn't have that talk and we don't feel pressured by anyone, ”said meeting spokesman Josep Vives.

Barça made a "Public appeal" to your fans "to come to the field to support the team"The organization tries to give an image of normalcy and convey a safety message so that its followers do not stay at home. Barcelona has also denounced interests to raise alarm around Camp Nou." Obviously a mood around the party has been created. There were interests and some wanted to install a state of alarm. There is To be honest and admit it exists. It makes people doubt. May I help. Let them come because we need them in this crucial match"

The complaint

Council spokesman denounces falsehoods and interests to create a false climate of insecurity

Vives himself confirmed that at some point, the pace of ticket sales has stagnated, something very rare in the case of a classic. “Someone said Mossos d 'Squadron could not guarantee the safety of Camp Nou. And he did it without asking the Mosses. Whoever does this is creating unrest. This has happened and is undeniable, ”he complained.

In Barcelona, ​​they are very calm with the behavior of their fans. And they don't even work with the expectation of a field invasion that could cause the match to be suspended. “We have a hobby that is exemplary. We are proud of the behavior of our hobby. Suspension of a match must be a final proportion. We have security forces ready, ”he said.


The club does not consider a suspension or a massive invasion: "We have an exemplary hobby"

Vives also denied that Barca considered their players to be on the pitch with a banner, one of the conditions of Wednesday's protest organizers.

Finally, Barcelona wanted to relax Real Madrid, who fully ensured their integrity: “We won't give too many details of the security device to work, but Madrid needs to have all the peace of mind in the world that will reach the stadium without problems. Play a soccer game. There were those who had a false speech that contributed to creating alarmism, ”he insisted.

Food policy is maintained

Vives guarantees the integrity of Madrid. "Madrid will reach the stadium without problems"

And, as proof of normality, he explained that the directive meal between the boards of Bartomeu and Florentino Pérez will not be suspended. “We will not change usages and customs. The food is still an example of fair play, transgaming.orgsmanship and good vibes. "