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by: Adam Smith


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    Quique Setin: “I don’t sell smoke”

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    Criticizes the forms of the Bara in the Valverde case

Ernesto Valverde always assumes that it was part of an industry in which I look like an outsider. It was no more than one more piece of the assembly line. Expendable and disposable. And as he did remember the Barcelona after running a dismissal in deferred coach, away from the values that are assumed to the entity. Quique Setin he was appointed as a substitute until 30 June 2022. Because the football never stops.

Josep Maria Bartomeu has done with Valverde the same thing he did 17 a.m. atrs Joan Gaspart With Louis van Gaal. The evolution, in fact, was involucin. Ms all that the cessation of the net bean to date the last on the blue-grain bench, invites an extreme parallelism. Not in terms of the coach’s work, because Van Gaal lost the position leaving his team three points off the ground and 20 points from the top spot, and Valverde has had to collect his brtulos with his team lder of the Liga.

The last coach to walk out the service door occupying the first league place was Radomir Antic, with Real Madrid in 1992 and Ramn Mendoza as president. The similarity of situations actually lies in the presidential work. In the inability of the gerifalte on duty to prevent a work destitucin, something relatively everyday in this industry of show Business, become a vaudeville. Although without any grace.


Setin, 61-year-old and convinced apstol of the cruyffism although he curses never being trained by the Dutch – “he would have let me cut off my meique finger,” he tends to say – to take the place of a Valverde who is always criticized for his pragmattic proposal. The manoeuvre should sustain that Environment claiming a return to the game’s orgenes.

It is foreseen that, once the operetta is over, Bartomeu d face in the media plpito with the technical secretary, Eric Abidal, and both can explain, not only the reasons for the dismissal, but also the run-up to a relay. It will not be inthe can be forgotten that Setin arrives after Barcelona encountered the refusals of Xavi Hernndez And Ronald Koeman; that some managers claimed the position for the subsidiary’s technician, Francisco Javier Garca Pimienta; and that leaders would be convinced that the opcin of Mauricio Pochettino, which maintains a good relationship with Bartomeu and is Ramon Planes, attached to the technical secretory- would have lifted in arms the blue-swollen.

Barcelona did not get rid of Valverde at the end of their first season as coach after being eliminated badly by Roma in the Champions League. Bartomeu barrunt terminate disregarded the contract, but beaten Sevilla in the final of Copa calm los nimos. Nor did he do it to the concluin of the second, when the team broke back in Europe, this time at Anfield, and this time did not know how to rise in the Cup final against Valencia. The cessation, on the other hand, arrives at the most unsuspected moment. After losing a semi-final in a debatable weight tournament, the Spanish Super Cup played in Saudi Saud. After the team, beyond the atltico’s hit-and-run in the crepscule, completed one of their best performances of the course. And without Valverde being exempted from his four trophies, two leagues won, a Copa del Rey and the 2018 Super Cup.

The mist and the abyss

Valverde, who has a contract until the next of June, but with a clusula that allows him to continue an ao ms as long as the parties agreed, had been attending to the movements of his foremen with special disbelief and displeasure. No one informs you that the trip to Qatar undertaken by Abidal and the CEO of the club, scar Grau, has as its main objective to seduce Xavi Hernndez to take his post. The Barcelona could have tried to put a screen in front of reality by publishing a photo of its emissaries alongwith Ousmane Dembl, which is recovering from its lesin in Doha.

After two of the negotiations with Xavi, the former midfielder rejects the proposal to join the post immediately. Committed to the Qatari government through his work as a technician of the Al Sadd, but also with one of the main electoral opponents of the current board, the businessman Vctor Font, the vein charge of the most poisoned. With the season started and sailing the club under the mist that anticipates the abyss.

Koeman, as much as one of his great unfulfilled dreams is not having trained Barcelona yet, also reject the proposal. I wasn’t going to be the one to plant the Dutch selection five months after the start of the Euros. The casting of aspirants showed that neither the technical secretara (Abidal and Planes), nor Bartomeu, bicfalo president in holding also the responsibilities of the transgaming.orgs vice presidency, have clear course of any.

Metaphor on the windshield

De Pochettino, who should never have been seen in the position of turning his back on his farm in Murphy to sit on the bench of The Camp Nou, the priorities were passed to a cruyffista extreme as Setin. And always with the open possibility of ascending from the branch to a man of the house like Garca Pimienta.

Valverde put the whole institution in front of the mirror. The leaders allowed the technician to lead this Monday’s training as if nothing. To the concluin, who arrived at the Ciutat Etransgaming.orgiva Joan Gamper was Bartomeu, who finally decided to meet with him before the board passed the sentence. The trainer took the car and the windshield offered a Metafrica image. The coat of arms of The Bara, of the revs. Valverde sonri.

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