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Barcelona Leo Messi loses a point of magic in the Classic – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Football is millimetres and Messi lacked in this Classic. The figures will say that it has not been a season and a half without marking the Madrid and that his last goal came preceded by a lack of Suárez and it happened in a game where Barça He was already a champion and nothing was played. It was on May 6, 2018, shortly after the catastrophe of Rome. Messi had the key to yesterday’s game. In part, he didn’t disappoint. No one like him sees football and no one like him wanted to explore the weaknesses of Madrid, who wanted to make himself strong with possession because he has no glue and is not an airtight team.

But this time Messi was a little less Messi. For 46 passes he gave (82.61% success), eleven losses seemed too many. He knew where to play the game and didn’t want to hide. in inconsequential areas because he is a player who has gained wisdom on the field and does not speculate or want to look good with numbers or criticism. He’s going for work. 40 of those 46 passes were in the opposite field.

Messi Photo

But that is precisely why your moments must be of quality. The last pass, the decisive shot. The Barca is armed to protect him and that he will take the shot of grace. And he came close to doing both, but he didn’t close them. Messi, their numbers and recent displays say, is not in crisis. And the Classic will not open any debate around its hierarchy or its ability to influence.

But yes. Barca are in a revisionist process. Because the way can’t be that Barca drown in Messi for living off it. That’s why every year you try to surround him with the best. There are those who are well-eyed from the beginning like Suarez; who doesn’t mix like Ibra and who walks by as Coutinho . But that Barca have lost vigour, the sight of the Bara is out. Messicentrism is the best recipe because, as in yesterday’s game, 46 plays went through Leo’s boots and he chose whether they were the beginning, end or transit of the game. It’s about not making the system and the footballer predictable.

Although he no longer needs it, because he is the top scorer in the history of the Classics and he paints that it will be a century for someone to match him (he is 26 and the active players who are closest to him are Suarez, with 11, and Benzema, with 9, who are older than him), these geniuses feed on rematches. And yes, Messi has one in a few months in the Bernabeu.