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Barcelona Luis Suarez already points to Kubala – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Step by step, sometimes without making a lot of noise, and sometimes with all the fanfare ahead, the Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez has achieved throughout his journey Blaugrana has 189 goals. A spectacular figure given that he has achieved it in just 266 games – averaging 0.7 goals per game – and with the added merit of dragging a four-year-old unmarked card in a match away from Camp Nou in the United States. champions Well, not even this curse, which seems worthy of Pharaoh Tutankhamen, was a sufficient obstacle for Luis Suárez to be about to enter the great door of FC Barcelona's history.

And that's what Luis Suarez, who this season has already surpassed Josep Samitier (184), is about to catch up with legendary Hungarian striker Ladislao Kubala (194). In fact, Charrúa's striker, with the scoring he scored on Saturday before the Royal Society, added his goal number 189 to the bag, so that he has only five years to reach Kubala and thus become the third scorer of the world. The club's history, surpassed only by César Rodríguez (232) and his inseparable friend and partner Leo Messi, who with 617 goals, leads this classification in an overwhelming and meritorious way.

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Today, Suarez has 12 goals this season: 9 in the League and 3 in the Champions League. Indeed, in the European competition is the top scorer Blaugrana, as Messi needs to settle for two goals. Now it remains to know when he will overtake Kubala and become the third biggest scorer in Barcelona's history. In principle, he has two games ahead at Camp Nou if he wants to get it before the end of 2019: Real Madrid and Alavés. The challenge seems capitalized, but it is well known that the plow never liked the limits.