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Barcelona – Real Madrid | Barcelona and Real Madrid hone all their weapons to the classic – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Barcelona - Real Madrid | Barcelona and Real Madrid hone all their weapons to the classic

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In the absence of nine days for Barca and Madrid faces are first seen in the season in the match to be played next Wednesday 18 after Javier Thebes I decided to postpone for political reasons what was scheduled for October 26, both teams arrive at the event in its best version of the season.

Despite having a smaller match than the other competitors, Barça and Madrid lead the leaderboard and only the Seville It seems able to withstand the pace of the two giants who want to decide the competition one hand at a time.

Both teams have struggled to find their pace but after difficult obstacles (Madrid drew at home with the Betis it's him Valladolidin the home of Villarreal and fell Sao moix before him Majorca while Barça lost Bilbao, Granada and before him Lift, and just tied before Osasuna) have already found cruising speed.

It does not seem, then, that they will get confused and leave a lot of points in the rest of the League, so we return to the point of the championships of other seasons where direct clashes between the two titans are key to finally defining a champion, always with the permission of. a Seville pinned to the top of the table.

Before Wednesday's consultation, both teams have two complicated outputs that will serve as a thermometer to determine their actual state.. Leaving aside the European day, when the two competitors arrive with homework, Barça are already the first of the group and nothing will be disputed. Milan before him Inter Madrid cannot aspire to improve their second place on their visit to Witches, Madrid will visit Valence and Barça, Anoeta. Two more than three and four days away respectively from their match at Camp Nou.

On the Barça side, nobody wants to talk about The classic. Of course he left Ernesto Valverde after hitting the Majorca 5-2 Saturday: "You can't talk about the classic yet. We'll keep the ban for another week." However, one thing is not to talk and think about the game.

In fact, they think a lot. Only then will the list of summons prepared by the coach in preparation for Tuesday's game against Inter be understood, in which the team's holy cows are likely to have a rest. Valverde's goal is to arrive on the 18th with the maximum number of troops available. In this sense, Alba and Semedo face the final stretch of their recovery and today just seems absolutely ruled out DembéléStrangely, I wasn't going to play the October game due to a two-game penalty for the straight red.

In Madrid, nursing is more worrying and Zidane He will not have the same margin as Valverde to rest his pieces. Hazard, Asensio and Marcelo don't make it to the game, while Bale and Lucas Vázquez do so with a minimal shot.

The big two arrive with their weapons perfectly tuned for engagement. The trident, with a sensational Messi who already leads Pichichi, carbure and Madrid, has Benzema in a killer mode accompanied by a Valverde. who revived a camp center that works again as Zidane likes. The classic returns.