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Barcelona-Real Madrid | Govern announces that it will guarantee the rights of fans and protesters in the classic – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Government spokeswoman Meritxell Budó said on Tuesday that the Catalan executive would seek to "guarantee everyone's rights" during the match against Barcelona and Real Madrid. to develop normally and that, At the same time, summoned mobilizations can be carried out.

The platform Democratic Tsunami called a rally out of Camp Nou on Wednesday, December 18, hours before the celebration of the classic, as well as other non-detailed actions in which the party's spectators would participate.

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In a statement issued on Tuesday, the platform guarantees that, to date, more than 18,000 people have registered on various channels to participate in this protest act by the sentence "proces", which was called at 4 pm, four hours. hours before the game starts.

At a press conference, Budó assured that the Tsunami announcement at the Catalan government's weekly meeting was not addressed.

However, he stated: "As a government, we are clear that we must guarantee everyone's rights, and therefore the rights that members and fans can watch the camp, while the people who want can carry out their concentrations and mobilizations.".

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The Interior Ministry works closely with the Catalan Ministry in this area to ensure that the league match they will play on the 18th at Campo Nou Barcelona and Real Madrid is developed as a "no other connotations" sporting event.

This was stated by interim Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska to questions from journalists about the events called by the democratic tsunami at the stadium gates hours before the celebration of the classic and inside it once the game.

After emphasizing that in his department they are "more than concerned, busy" with ensuring safety, the minister wanted to make it clear that the next day 18 a sporting event will be held and that it should be developed as such "without further connotations". .

"In this we are ensuring this public space with the necessary tranquility and security in coordination and cooperation always with the Mossos and the Interior Department" The minister added before sending a message of tranquility: "The match will take place under the conditions of a sporting event."