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Barcelona – Real Madrid live: the hours before the classic | LaLiga Santander 2019 – SPANISH FOOTBALL

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LaLiga Santander 2019-2020



After the suspension of October 26, the classic is played on Wednesday under the threat of protests called by the tsunami's democratic independence platform.

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Mossos in front of the Sofa Hotel in Barcelona on Wednesday.
Quique Garcia EFE

Barcelona and Real Madrid face this Wednesday (20:00) on Camp nou in a classic that was supposed to be played on October 26, but was postponed by the riots Barcelona lives in those days. The meeting, corresponding to 10th of LaLiga Santander, can be followed live on TV at Movistar + and online at

11.35 – Manifestation without permission

During the government scrutiny session currently being held in Parliament, Interior Minister Miquel Buch admitted that he did not know that the Democratic Tsunami had announced the initiative to gather a concentration around Camp Nou, something that happens "in many other occasions. " Citizen Representative Matas Alonso asked the councilman if the Catalan executive is aware of "who is Mr. X" of the tsunami, but the interior chief avoided focusing his response on the internal organization of the independence platform. Informs Gerard Melgar

11.25 – What happens in the field?

On other classic days, at this point, the only question was: who won the game? As elsewhere in this section, uncertainties reign this time. Barcelona and Real Madrid come tied as League leaders with 35 points and even two paired players in the fight for the Pichichi Trophy. Jaime Rodrguez analyzes in this article the state of Leo Messi and especially Karim Benzema, who is experiencing the best start of his career. Both Argentine and French add 12 league goals at this time.

11.15 – Throwing beach balls, an option

La Vanguardia had reported two 'sister' initiatives: on the one hand, the launch of inflatable beach balls and, on the other, the launch of foam balls that resemble, in one giant version, the balls. of rubber used by Mossos during fights. after the sentence of the procs. Tsunami Democrtic encouraged their fans to bring this kind of ball to the pitch and Interior Minister Miquel Buch said that maybe they could do it. In an interview with Radio Catalunya, Buch commented that "at first" he sees no "danger" in introducing inflatable balls into the stadium, although he warned: "It is not up to me to decide which material can be inserted and what not. " Informs Luis Fernando Lopez.

11.05 – Camp Nou is already a bnker

Avinguda Joan XXIII, which gives the Sofa Hotel access to Camp Nou, is already cut. About 500 meters from the stadium, Mossos has already restricted passage for both traffic and transients. There the buses parade. Informs Francisco Cabezas. The device for securing the classic dispute has about 3,000 people between public and private security, with about 1,000 Mossos d 'squads from the various intervention and prevention units, as well as the Barcelona Urban Guard's traffic control units.

11:00 – Tsunami & # 39; wakes up & # 39; your supporters

In the early hours of this Wednesday, the Tsunami released a tweet announcing their actions tonight and through their internal vas they claimed that their supporters were not missing tonight. Before the possibility that the protest was not massive, despite the expectation created, last night the Tsunami appealed, informs Germn Gonzlez. The Picnic por la Repblica analog platform, which organizes sitting in important locations such as Sants station, also sent messages through its channels asking for participation in the various actions.

10:50 – Suspension is not the goal

As Francisco Cabezas explains, the goal of Democratic Tsunami It is not the suspension of the game, but rather that the message & # 39; Spain sits & talk & # 39; It is visible both on the stands and on the lawn. In addition to the four concentration points announced, one at each point of the Camp nouOther strategies are not known to use the independence platform to achieve their goal. O Mosses they considered a field invasion "possible" and even & # 39; La Vanguardia & # 39; It is a possible release of beach balls.

10:40 – Real Madrid already fly to Barcelona

Real Madrid took off from Barajas airport during the 10:30 am, going to Prat. Your travel plan has not changed, despite the special circumstances of this classic. At 12:00, the white team should enter the hotel couch, where it coincides with Barcelona himself and the referees who will lead the match. Members of the Real Madrid security team are already in Barcelona to prepare for arrival. Informs Jaime Rodrguez.

10:30 am – More than a match

Welcome to live monitoring of the hours before the Spanish football classic, which is more than just a classic. The date already indicates the context in which to dispute: the meeting should have been held on October 26, but violent protests in Barcelona over the ruling led to the suspension. The tsunami's platform for democratic independence, which at the time threatened party normalcy, does so again with several demonstrations gathered around the stadium. Before a potential audience of 680 million viewers spans over 180 countries, the action will test all the political, social, police and transgaming.orgs actors responsible for the classic.

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