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Barcelona – Real Madrid | Neither Madrid nor VAR End – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Barcelona - Real Madrid | Neither Madrid nor VAR End


Classic left things where they were, politically and transgaming.orgingly. Catalan conflict and League conflict will continue, although he had more desire to celebrate in Barça, much lower in play and not so much in the areas. The impression of a more vigorous Madrid, more authority with the ball and with one of the best soccer players: Valverde. A soccer player that didn't exist in September. It was also clear that Barça is in the hands of the supernatural, Messi. And the supernatural is not every day.

Politics died on the beach, but VAR didn't. At the end of the day, he's just removing the human bug from the lawn and caging it between four crystals., with more eyes, more cameras and better marketing. Only the court of second instance does not have the alibi of immediacy. Madrid was getting better when Hernández Hernández has had two penalty kicks for Varane in consecutive plays. One for grabbing when trying to finish the head and one for a thigh-length Lenglet dish. Hernández Hernández, canary, principal collegiate, was in turmoil. The De Burgos Bengoetexea, between frames and frames. Gray touches, color that comes and goes, as the protocol says. Clear penalties that say the regulation is fast, slow or super slow motion. Don't be surprised if Rubiales Claims Mailbox is populated again this week. Now of white envelopes.

Prior to that, Barça had greatly dampened the status of its territorial team. Madrid went looking for him on the balcony of his area and The first act of his game really prevented him, the rapid transfer of the ball from one area to another. The captivating football of Valverde's team was lost, which took the precaution of putting Semedo as a team that Bale formation, some greyhound days and many other figures. Busquets, Barça's natural barrier, remained on the bank with tenths of fever.

So for one, for the other, and because Zidane gave in to the fourth midfielder in bigger matches, Madrid was well above in the first part. The French chose Isco, which has peppered Modric more in the realm of truth. Madrid was the presence and Barça the apparitions. A choir against Messi. From one occurrence in Argentina came the great occasion of Barça before the break. He drone to Jordi Alba, the genius' best translator, but the auction did not take place at the height of the demarcation. A Barça remained almost against its principles. And orphan of Suarez, the first on the missing list.

From Messi to Valverde

Prior to Alba's mistake, Madrid had collected occasions for careful elaboration of the game, with Isco on high and a medium-sized biodiversity that they had not yet had. That brought Valverde. This is a distant shot from the German manufacturer with which he was twice in goal range. In addition, Piqué took Casemiro a header on the line. Zidane has dealt with an old claim since Cristiano left: the middleweight goals.

As that didn't change, as the ball was predominantly from Madrid, Valverde put Vidal, a troublemaker. By then, Messi had forgiven where ever, two meters from Courtois. He hesitated between control and shot and did neither. Barca had many strikers and he had no football and Madrid was on the opposite pole. He embroidered it with the crutch and spoiled it with the rapier. Bale missed a goal and was annulled another, outside Mendy's game.

Ten minutes from the end, Zidane removed Isco and Valverde, the crutches of Madrid. It was an attempt to boost a team that had left the game alive. Against expectations, Madrid went for more, gave the impression of walking more vitaminized and died around the Barça area. So far, his tactical and emotional superiority has taken him. The cast seemed very little.


Vidal (54 & Nelson Semedo), Rodrygo (79 °, Bait), Modric (79 & Federico Valverde), Ansu Fati (82 & Griezmann)


Referee: Alejandro José Hernández Hernández
VAR Referee: Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea
Rakitic (20 amarelo, yellow) Luis Suarez (39 Amarelo, Yellow) Clement lenglet (44 amarelo, yellow) Casemiro (65 amarelo, yellow) Ballet (69 Amarelo, Yellow) Bait (75 amarelo, yellow) Sergio Ramos (77 Amarelo, Yellow) Carvajal (91 amarelo, yellow