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Bayern Munich – How "Super Hansi" Convinced His Team: Biggest Player in the System – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


After two defeats in the Bundesliga, coach Hansi Flick twisted hard against Tottenham Hotspur (a weakened substitute) and was rewarded with a 3-1 win. The players of FC Bayern Munich then again behind their coach. The victory was overshadowed only by Kingsley Coman's recent injury.

Captain Manuel Neuer mentioned them, sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic and also Joshua Kimmich. Of course, it was the so-called "way". Neuer: "We are very happy with the result and the way." Salihamidzic: "I am pleased with the way we play." Kimmich: "The way we play speaks for the coach."

After Hansi Flick took over as Niko Kovac's coaching post (in which neither results nor manner fit) in early November, the two initially fit together. Four wins, 16: 0 goals and good football. The way it continued to fit in – but suddenly the results no longer. Two losses, 2: 4 goals.

And then came the final match of the Champions League group against Tottenham Hotspur. In fact completely insignificant, FC Bayern were already known as group winners. But on the other hand, it is also very significant, because it was the question to be answered, whether Flick can moderate the approach to the earnings crisis. If he can keep the path and at the same time deliver a satisfactory result.

Now you know: Yes, he can. Everyone emphasized that the road also won Bayern by 3: 1 and thus ended as the German club's first history in the Champions League group stage, lossless.

Hansi Flick changed the starting eleven to five positions

To do this, Flick chose an amazing formation. Compared to a 1: 2 defeat by Bundesliga leader Borussia Mönchengladbach, he changed the starting eleven in five places. He entrusted the central defense to veteran duo Javi Martinez and Jerome Boateng. He trusted midfielder Witch duo Thiago and Philippe Coutinho and relied on the storm (successively) non-attacking duo Ivan Perisic and Thomas Müller.

None of these players made an absolutely extraordinary game; no one was subsequently celebrated as a great tactical device by Flick. But they have all made at least one decent match on a working system since Flicks took office, regardless of the results. And that was the main message of this game.

Kimmich, who is prone to good analysis anyway, looked at this circumstance very well: "It is important that you do not always have to adapt the system to individual players, but that there is a clear system in which each player has to perform his tasks. knowing what to do, you can also negotiate. "What he meant by that: In Flick, the system is bigger than the player and this approach works.

Tap on Coutinho's gate: "I'm so happy"

And with that for system players. The central defense veteran pair did, in fact, have some rapid speed deficit in the Tottenham and Boateng patzte counterattack before the 1: 1 break. But they didn't really falter against a weakened Tottenham without Harry Kane and Dele Alli. He pushed with the rest of the team and tried so, the opponent away from the goal.

Perhaps the most positive surprise was the double witch in midfield. Thiago, who was said to have agitated, not only conjured but also fought. He has won 67% of his duels. And Coutinho finally conjured more and more with the increased playing time. A little dance here, a little dance there. Just before half-time, he chased a free-kick, but in the second half gave six more throws – one of which scored 3-1 on goal. "It makes me happy," said Flick and Salihamidzic: "Since we played creative football, especially in midfield, it was very good."

Ivan Perisic and Thomas Müller: The Storm Attackers

And then there was the non-attacking duo in the storm, which was allowed to try in the absence of the only protected royal attacker Robert Lewandowski. Ivan Perisic began, which was generally more dangerous when he avoided the ward. Like in the 12th minute, when he prepared a double chance (twice doubled) of Benjamin Pavard and Thiago with a cross. Perisic's tenure in the lead ended Flick when the Kingsley Coman scorer, 1-0, injured his left knee midway through the first half and needed to be replaced.

To Coman came Müller, who advanced as a non-striker in the storm and Perisic repressed his ancestral left side. Müller made it 2-1 in the break before the break and quickly sent Alphonso Davies a post into the net closely. It was in these situations that the ball got in line in the last two games, despite its harmonious and playful manner. When the chance of exploitation was the big problem.

"We certainly played 20 big chances in those two games and didn't explore them, so it was good that we scored three goals today," said Salihamidzic. There were also goals for Flick, with which players like to work together and also like to continue to do so.

Thiago about Flick: "Hansi is great"

"I think we play well in every game with Hansi Flick," said Neuer, completely independent of the results. "Your communication is great, your philosophy suits us, so we are all positive about the coaching position." Thiago added: "Hansi is amazing, a nice guy, very nice and also an amazing coach, all players are happy with him."

Flick is currently guaranteed employment until winter break. In the Bundesliga final three games against Werder Bremen, SC Freiburg and VfL Wolfsburg, they are about to close the seven-point deficit for Gladbach. Then a decision is made for the second half.

"I don't rule out continuing with him until the summer," said President Karl-Heinz Rummenigge before the match against Tottenham. Because: "The quality of the game is absolutely satisfactory." Not just this time, but also the result.