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"Before leaving football I will play again in Elche" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


How's life?

Very well. I'm glad how things are going for me. I'm happy in Alavés, which is a club I really like and would like to continue next season.

Shield / Flag Elche

Contract ends, do you plan to renew?

I would like. We are talking to see if there is agreement, I hope so, and my intention is that we can close it. In life, however, you can never tell what will happen tomorrow, no one knows the future.

Will you return to Elche?

Sure. Before I finish my career, I want to play Elche again. It is my wish and my dream. My wife and five children live there. It was my first home and I want it to be the last one before I left football.

Did Elche score so much?

If much. It is very important to know where you are from. I arrived in Spain at 18 and it was not easy. I had problems with the club because at first I didn't want to try in the business, I felt able to be on the first team directly. For Jesús de Huerta, who was the sports director, I must have patience with me to convince me. I trained just one day with the subsidiary and from there I got under David Vidal.

In Elche, he was with David Vidal, Claudio and Bordalás. How do you remember them?

David Vidal is a great pro. He was my first sports dad in Spain. I owe him a lot because he even fed me when the club didn't pay me. I was invited to a restaurant near the stadium. I didn't play much with Claudio, but it wasn't his fault, because I hadn't learned things yet. And Bordalás, the truth, was the one who changed everything. I was about to leave, but when he arrived, he told me that he was a player he liked and would be important, that he needed me, but should have patience. Nor can I forget my friends Jaime Jiménez (Elche exporter) and Jorge Pérez (Elche's director of institutional relations), who is like my brother and I talk to him every day. He is a very important person in my life.

Now Elche has a new owner, Bragarnik, what do you think?

Like I said before, no one knows the future. The important thing is that Elche returns to First soon. That things are well done and that fans appreciate the category they deserve.

Finally, what would you say to Elche fans that remind you so much?

I feel your love and appreciation. I carry it inside my heart, now and forever. I'll never forget them and tell them I'll be back. I always read them on social networks and all the messages they write to me are positive. Thanks to everyone who supported me.