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Bergantines don't give up and fight to play at As Eiroas – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Bergantines don't give up and fight to play at As Eiroas

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The new Copa del Rey format will bring modest joy, although in the process they will have to deal with setbacks, such as acclimating their stadium to conditions imposed by the Federation. It is the case of Bergantiños, who received an unexpected notification last Thursday: how Eiroas did not meet the requirements to host a tournament match and he had to look for a new headquarters to face Sevilla.

Club sources explain to AS They do not understand the reasons why the federation does not accept that they act as locals in their stadium and suggest that it meet all the necessary conditions. By him, They filed a complaint explaining why there should be no problems. For a while, RFEF did not respond to Bergantiños, who has until Monday at 2 pm to present another field to play.

Given the circumstance, the club director started work and thought of Riazor as an alternative. Deportivo, however, have announced that the transfer of their stadium is not viable because there is only a 48-hour margin between Liga SmartBank's match against Tenerife. and the butcher's crossing. In addition, it attached a report from Royalberd, a concessionaire responsible for maintaining the stadium's lawn, in which it is reported to be in the process of recovery and it is not advisable to contest the meeting on site.

Why doesn't As Eiroas meet the conditions?

In the attached document of the Bergantiños to the Federation, are explained, point by point, all the reasons why As Eiroas, or at least that assures the entity, is a valid seat and that meets the established criteria. For example, andRegarding the space between the pitch and the spectators, the club plans to establish a control room with sufficient distance to ensure safety. It also explains that it achieves 350 lux average artificial lighting or that there is a limited area for the media to do its work.

So, and with the text as a reference, The ball is on the ceiling of the RFEF, which must decide if the measurements shown are in accordance with the marked parameters. Meanwhile, the Bergantiños experience uncertainty and an inability to manage the transfer of another stadium in such a short time. Sevilla, for now, remain on the sidelines and look forward to their final destination in the first round.

Abegondo, another possibility

Although Deportivo de A Coruña has decided that Riazor is not available for the Bergantiños-Sevilla dispute, He expressed his solidarity with the situation and offered Abegondo, his sports city, to try to resolve the conflict. However, it remains to be seen that it is valid within the requirements laid down by the regulation. In addition, as the club does not like this possibility due to the difficulties of transferring club members and members to the game and more at the scheduled time (Wednesday, December 18 at 18:00). In short, it could be adopted as a desperate clearance, but now the priority is, and In the coming days, As Asiro welcomes Lopetegui's team.

Chano Calvo: "The Federation deserves that the Bergantiños are not present"

In an interview with La Voz de Galicia, club president Chano Calvo was injured for not being able to host Sevilla in As Eiroas and accused the Federation for what happened. "I think, at the very least, we deserve an explanation, that they tell us what failed…. they deserve, and if we have to pay a fine, pay it, "said the club's CEO bluntly. Two weeks after the start of the new Copa del Rey, some procedures still need to be resolved. The future of the Bergantiños is one of them.