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Betis – Athletics ? Correa, the red-white angel – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


First came the goal, two days ago. Yesterday, the jackpot. Win away from home again. I haven’t been to Atletico since September. And he did it in the Villamarín in front of a betis at times brilliant but without punching. With Morata turned into a Dickens character, from dark cold to redemption with his ghosts, and a gift: Angel Correa. On the bright afternoon, Cholo’s order could be clearly felt: drowning out the start of Betis, who had scored goals before the first fifteen minutes in his last four games. In the 6′ the opposing field life of the red-whites already had its reward: Goal of Morata. The bliss lasted a sigh. Referee whistle: I was offside. It didn’t even take VAR to check it out. That’s where he lives. Match by match. The time of Betis began.

A Betis that began to grow around Bartra. One step back, third center and solidity. One forward, pivot and duplicate with Saved to free Channels and Fekir. One is talent, the other was torment. It looked windy, undetectable. The red-whites, unable to intuit where it would appear, was everywhere, in the spaces and supports, his 8 always towards Oblak. In the 15th minute the initial dominance of Atleti seemed of another party, so far away, now snofent by the storm Fekir. He was shaking the wood from Oblak’s goal by a ball to the crossbar that Feddal sent upside down.

Photo by Nabil Fekir

Atletico was a nightmare before Christmas. No tension, no solutions, no command, no Koke. Because the captain had stayed in Madrid, an elongation, and the party was the photo of why he always plays. Because when it doesn’t the team breaks down, unable to have the ball and move it smartly or a plan. Oh, Captain, my captain. But Koke was gone, and the Cholo seemed to have thrown his men as if they were dice on the grass, where they fell. And Thomas had the imprecise day, and Saul in the middle doesn’t work, and the best guy who pulls the ball, Herrera, was in the band.. Lemar directly looked like a Betis footballer with the opposite shirt. Quite a waste. Like the Shot of Morata that crashed into the pole after running 40 meters, alone. But when he came before Joel, hand in hand, all the ghosts of his head were on his leg. He fired from the edge of the area, precipitous and into the center. The doorman, who had even slipped, pulled out his glove and deflected. The best thing that could have happened to Atleti was for the break to come.

Strap everything changes

The passage through the booth didn’t change the game too much.. The Betis with the ball and the domain. The Atleti, naked in the open. Until Simeone looked back and pulled the Correa letter off the bench. Lemar was leaving, another train that passes and does not take, and while the men of the Cholo were ordered more naturally (Saul to the band and Herrera to the pivot), Correa pressed to slash the ball to Alex Moreno and the betis match. I break waist against Joel, goalkeeper sitting and ball to the net. A hundred seconds he had been on the grass. Learn, Lemar.

Correa Photo

The Betis fell into anxiety, Fekir blurred, as a simple summer storm, the Tidy and stone athletic, walled in his field. Rubi, with so many meters ahead, again tilted the field with the entrance of Lainez. He caressed the tie with a ball from outside the Bartra area and another to The Woods of Canales. But Correa was still on the grass and Correa would find Morata to turn the nightmare from before into his own Christmas Story: Heel-picked and Joel touched it but did not stop. Here’s how it always works out best: when Morata doesn’t think keeps her ghosts at bay. Bartra’s goal came at the discount and rose four minutes later: which took him four minutes to check the referee in the VAR a hand from Alex Moreno. He went up the scoreboard but it was only stone for Rubi. The Fat One was the Cholo: that boy often and skinny, with football and the voice of tangos, Angel Correa. He’s going back to the Champions League. And that’s how 2019 will end.


Belt (56′, Lemar), Borja Iglesias (59′, Loren Morón), Diego Lainez (69′, Saved), Tello (82′, Mandi), Marcos Llorente (88′, Joao Félix)


0-1, 57′: Belt, 0-2, 83′: Morata, 1-2, 92′: Bartra


Arbitrator: Xavier Estrada Fernández
Arbitrator VAR: José Luis González González
Joao Felix (41′,Yellow) Mandi (50′,Yellow) Thomas (54′,Yellow) Morata (66′,Yellow) Bartra (79′,Yellow) Saved (96′,Yellow