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Betis holds unsurprising council in the shadow of the Sierra – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


O Betis General Shareholders Meeting brought no surprise one night when the current council has obtained approval of its accounts and a record budget of 162 million euros, in addition to presenting the your project of the new sports city. The club highlighted the growth achieved in recent seasons, emphasizing a current team valued at 300 million euros.

Shield / Flag Betis

Improvement of the field team in recent League days has minimized the options for many shareholders to express their disagreement with the management of the Angel Haro and José Miguel López Catalán, key leaders of the current board. Lorenzo Serra Ferrer was not present, former vice president of sports and become a big trademark of critics with the current power. But He appeared in several shareholder speeches that demanded his return and questioned his departure: "Rectify. Call him. You have to have more poison, as in other clubs.".

His actions were represented by former councilman Joaquín Caro Ledesma, who again showed his disappointment with some of the club's decisions: "I am against Serra's departure. It was not a wise decision. I also show my disagreement with the club's corporate governance. It would be nice if Betis had a pact between the main shareholders." Haro made his balance clear: "We are ready to be fighting year after year. Sierra? Something would also have to do with those goals.". Catalan Lopez, in turn, left a clear message about Serra's goodbye: "It would have been easier for us to do nothing".

One of the points of the night was the appointment of Rafael Muela as the new director of the entity, before the project new sports city will occupy the center of the stage. Will be built in Dos Hermanas with land exceeding 50 hectares and have the latest technological advances and access control.

A controversial point was also repeated in which The Board again approved the authorization to dispose of the entity's essential assets with the intention of increasing the transfer market's operating options..

"We will not stop until we increase Betis. I think we show that we live up to what we promised. The growth of the sport is evident, but for us it is still insufficient, "he concluded. Haaro. The continuity line is marked on Betis after another Board, in which no movement varying the current power line has been glimpsed.. The results of this campaign, of course, will be those that determine whether the current calm is more real than apparent.