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Betis Joaquín is close to renovating – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


The qualifiers fell short last Sunday when Joaquin outlined its best version and boosted the Betis until the victory before him Athletic with three goals in 20 minutes. His smile was that of Ruby, which sees how his project takes another orientation from the hand of his top ally, a 38-year-old footballer who has already become a legend and wants more this season.

Shield / Flag Betis

The takeoff of Betis parallels Joaquin's best performance since his return. The Porto, who shone with his own light in the last two campaigns Quique Setién In controls, try to keep the upline despite your age. He already has six goals in this league and wants to challenge his best numbers in which he has played. Heliopolis 17 years ago or those you logged in Valence and Malaga. That was when he reached the most significant numbers: he scored ten goals that first season as Verdiblanco in Primera (2002-2003), achieved seven goals and nine assists in the table in 2009-2010 and signed eight goals and ten passes with Malaga from 2012-2013. . Your present moment challenges these historical numbers in the present.

For Ruby, his appearance is a truce. Its revamped gaming system becomes a luxury backdrop for Porto: it exploits its quality in the area and its uprightness when performing kickbacks.

Future. Both Joaquin and Betis admit there will be no difficulty in extending a contract that ends this summer. "It's a matter of sitting down," both sides said in recent weeks. In Heliopolis, they already see a Joaquin with rising performance that renews itself until 2022 and that continues to leave nights of glory in the Villamarin Like Sunday After the renovations of Channels and Saved, the turn is for the Porto, who is still a reference in the grass.