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Bitter debut of Baraja – – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Víctor Sánchez del Amo's team bit Rubén Baraja's debut on the island bench thanks to two goals from Armando Sadiku, one of them a penalty decreed via VAR. The blues and whites continue to delineate their growth trend. For his part, Tete still doesn't raise his head. Rubén Baraja's debut at Tenerife Bank, which came out ambitious.

Shield / Flag Malaga

After two minutes, Borja Lasso is not enough for a hair to tie a ball of Suso Santana. Some nerves in Malaga that tremble gradually. Busy Antoñín creates trouble for Mazán's band. Victor circles with discretion. At 27, Dani Pacheco makes a corner. Dani Gómez, hampered by Diego González, goes a long way towards his goal and Armando Sadiku, attentive to the piece, mends with the left at the bottom of the net.

Shield / Flag Tenerife

Albanian's fifth goal. The goal seems to stimulate the islanders, who, however, observe a certain disorder, but Malaga can not calm the game. With this unusual 1-0 for what Malaga is, you rest. The second part begins with an excellent Ortolá chart and a great chance from the motivated Sadiku.

Tenerife takes a step forward. Rubén Baraja, very involved and Malaga who seems to have retreated. The game, very confusing with the Canaries, clearly led the initiative. At 73 & # 39;, the VAR reviews a possible hand within the Javi García area. Feather of Ais Reig pita. Game protested by Tenerife because he understands that there is a previous lack of Juankar. Armando Sadiku becomes 2-0. Your sixth goal. The ones of Heliodoro Rodríguez try to surpass the size of the mazazo, but the time passes between the fingers. At 83, the Valladolid coach took Elliot to a bad luck malabasic. At 87 & # 39;, the VAR did not interpret a possible Keidi Bare hand as a penalty. Tenerife was more desperate than clear. Ais Reig's final whistle gave one of the few joys of this desperate journey to the local fan. Tenerife does not lift its head.


Orange (70 & # 39 ;, Suso), Benkhemassa (71 & # 39;, Adrian), Renato Santos (71 & # 39;, Pacheco), Elliot Gomez (83 & # 39; malabasic), Jorge Padilla (86 & Javier Alonso), Lorenzo Gonzalez (87 Sad, Sadiku)


1-0, 26 & # 39 ;: Sadiku, 2-0, 75:: Sadiku


Referee: Saúl Ais Reig
VAR Referee: Gorka Sagués Oscoz
Javier Alonso (58 amarelo, yellow) Malabasic (67 Amarelo, Yellow) Aitor Sanz (82 Amarelo, Yellow) Antoñin (90 amarelo, yellow