Euro 2020

Blog: Small Teams Doing Miracles: Little Iceland – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


Good afternoon everyone, in this episode I’m not just talking about the European teams but I’ll talk to you also national teams that have accomplished businesses both in the European and the World Cup. Today I tell you the story of Iceland at the 2016 European Championships. We in Reykjavik a village of 122,856 inhabitants and at the Laugardalsvollur Stadium, the path of the Stràkarnir okkar (Our Boys) September 9, 2014. The team was coached by Heimir Hallgrìmsson and were inserted into the Group A Along with the Czech Republic, Turkey, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Latvia. That day, The Icelanders faced Turkey and the final result will be 3-0 for the hosts thanks to goals from Bévarsson, Sigurdsson and Sigssson. On the second day of the Euro 2016 qualifiers, they the second consecutive victory in Riga, Latvia All the time three zero-net networks, with goals from Sigurdsson, Gunnarsson and finally Gìslason. Three days later they faced The Netherlands at home, who had finished third at the World Cup in Brazil two years earlier, the Dutch national team comes from the defeat against the Czech Republic and the victory against Kazakhstan and hallgrìmsson’s men scored a historic 2-0 win with a brace from Sigurdsson. Nine points in three games, the journey started well but it’s still long and on the fourth day Stràkarnir okkar found their first qualifying defeat, losing 2-1 in Prague to the Czech Republic November 16th. Qualifying will resume at the end of March for Iceland who face away Kazakhstan, who have scored 1 point in four games and four losses, is 28 March 2015 the Icelandic team plays in Astana and for them it will be all easy, They won 3-0 with goals from Gu’johnsen and Bjarnason’s brace. In short, Hallgrìmsson’s men are making a good journey in the Euro 2016 qualifiers in France. Begin Group A’s return matches, June 12, 2015, we’re in the sixth day and The team faces the Czech Republic at home, the match will end 2-1 by the hosts with goals scored by Gunnarsson and Sigssson, Their first historic qualification seems to have come close, but they still have to play four more games to know the final verdict. And on September 3rd and The team went on to play away from home at the Amsterdam Arena against the Netherlands who in the meantime sacked Guus Hiddink and in his place came Danny Blind son of Daley, to attempt the last assaults in the remaining three matches. Result: Hallgrìmsson’s men win by surprise 1-0 thanks to a penalty kick by Sigurdsson, Qualification is complicated for Oranje while for the Stràkarnir okkar the dream seems to be getting closer and have the chance to close out the qualifying talk already in the three days. Three days later they drew 0-0 with Kazakhstan and on 10 October 2015 they also drew at home against Latvia with goals from Sig’rsson and Sigurdsson. The last day of Group A ends for the men of Hallgrìmsson, a 1-0 away defeat to Turkey with Inan’s goal. Ends here !!! Iceland has reached Europeans for the first time in its history, a feat that has never been successful, it’s a new fairytale in European football. The Icelandic team He finished second with 20 points, scoring 6 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses While Danny Blind’s Netherlands resoundingly do not qualify for Euro 2016, it didn’t happen 32 years ago when Oranje failed to reach the euro 1984 final in France. will have to wait four years with Ronald Koeman, fatal defeat against Turkey they also had to win to reach the group stage at Euro 2016 and were decisive in the 3-0 home win in Istanbul with goals from Zyakup, Arda Turan and Burak Yalmaz, Fatih Terim’s men They qualified as the best third with 18 points, obtaining 5 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. And on December 12, 2015, the draw of the Euro 2016 group stage. Iceland is fished Group F with Portugal, Austria and Hungary. We have come summer of 2016 June 14 th Stràkarnir okkar take on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal at Saint-Etienne And the game will end in a tie, incredible but we’re not believing it, Hallgrìmsson’s men stopped the Real Madrid star’s team with a 1-1 draw, the Portuguese also misses a penalty, an beginning dream for Icelanders, Four days later they found their second consecutive draw against Hungary in Marseille, two points in two games but it takes a win to reach the eighth for the first time And On 22 June 2016, Iceland qualified for the next round thanks to Traustason’s goal against Austria in the round of 16. The result will be 2-1 for Hallgrìmsson’s 11th and finished second in the group. And on June 27, 2016, Begin the knockout stage and the Icelandic team challenges Roy Hodgson’s England, Meanwhile four days earlier there had been the Brexit referendum where he won The Leave with 51.9%, compared to 48.1% for Remain, a real earthquake shakes Europe, that then after months and years of negotiations on 31 January 2020 the UK is officially out of the EU. In fact The England team must beat Iceland in order not to avoid another brexit in the 2016 European Championship. The guys of the Icelandic technician write a new page of the history of European football, They eliminated England 2-1 with goals from Sigurdsson and Sigssson to reach the quarter-finals of a European Championship., it’s a beautiful fairy tale and I was surprised that night by that game that was worth as much as a final. For Britain it’s Brexit, it’s not enough Wayne Rooney’s penalty goal but it is expensive for Hodgson to be sacked after that defeat. In Saint-Denis July 3 Hallgrìmsson’s men find France by Didier Deschamps landlady, but The dream of the Icelanders will end here Why The French go avalanche winning 5-2 Thanks to goals from Olivier Giroud who scored a brace, from Pogba, Payet and little devil Antoine Griezmann, goals from Sigssson and Bjarnason were useless. Deschamps’ team flies into the semi-finals against Germany While Iceland is eliminated. Ah I forgot, when Iceland had beaten Austria and England at the end of the match all the Icelandic fans chanted an exultation called “Geyser Dance” this went viral, an exultation that made many shivers come. Two years later, history repeats itself, Hallgrìmsson’s men arrive for the first time at the World Cup played by Russia in 2018 Winning Group I with 22 points, with 7 wins, one draw and two losses, a new company “Made in Iceland” ,But the adventure in Russia lasts little for the Icelanders because they were drawn in Group D with Leo Messi’s Nigeria, Croatia and Argentina. June 16, 2018 Iceland challenges Selecciòn and the match will end with a historic draw, the hero of Iceland’s first game at the World Cup is goalkeeper Halldirsson That he parried the penalty on Leo Messi, But nevertheless Stràkarnir okkar failed to win a single game as they lost 2-0 to Nigeria in Volgodrad and 2-1 against Croatia in Rostov on the Don. The Icelandic national team will close last with one point and two losses. Right now The team is coached by Erik Hamrèn and they’ll have to deal Romania in play-offs to decide the last four teams to qualify for Euro 2020 March 26 and the winner among these will face the final with the winner between Bulgaria and Hungary on March 31. We just have to wish him good luck and we hope to bring it back to the Europeans this summer.