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Bordalas: “It would not be a failure not to classify us” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Bordalas: "It would not be a failure not to classify us" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

What does this first final mean for the team?

Fortunately we arrived on the last day with possibilities to pass and it is a success. This match is missing and we are confident ly trusting and also very respectful of the rival who is a great team.

Thinking about the tie?

I’ve never faced a draw game since I’ve been a technician. Then a lot of times the tie is a good result, but the match is set to win and we will face it.

Do they arrive at the best time of the season?

The team is well, motivated and working well. We all have an illusion about this very important match. We’re in a good time, but those are over, too. When you lose perspective, the streak ends. The inertia doesn’t come to you, what comes in is the work.

What about the Krasnodar?

A great team that arrives in a similar situation. He comes from qualifying in Champions, to eliminating Porto by winning at home and we respect him very much. This is your last chance. The team knows what to do.

They’re at the best time in the club’s history. What’s the secret?

We have a great group, a great wardrobe and many guys who want to grow up and be better every day. They train and believe in what we work on. This is too long. We’re on the right track, but we want more. We can’t settle and that’s what I instill in them, we want more.

Would it be a failure to be eliminated?

Not at all. The team has always responded and we haven’t made a bad game. The two we lost were undeserved. It wouldn’t be a failure because Getafe is a humble and ambitious club.

Is the economic aspect also present?

We defend the interests of our club without thinking about it. We focus on transgaming.orgs. The club wins and so do the pros. Our prestige, our hobby, Spanish football… For everyone there are many things to win and we are aware of the importance of the match.

What would it mean to get into the hype with Arsenal, Porto, Ajax…?

In our league there are teams with tremendous potential and it has been shown in the latest European competitions. We saw Valencia leave out Ajax andwhatever happens will be prepared, but we did not think beyond the Krasnodar.

Do we expect many lineup changes?

I’m not going to say it. We have everyone and I will align those I think are suitable for this match. Whoever plays the team will face as usual.

What is Bergara’s situation?

Markel is a player, a teammate and a huge professional who has gone through an ordeal since the previous season. You have our support and you’ll make the right decision. The goal is for him to recover as soon as possible.

Do you feel like you can make history?

One is no stranger to what has happened before and the impact it can have. You don’t know when you’re going to get another chance and we have to go get her. For important teams it’s hard to be in Europe, it’s hard. Now that we’re here, we’re going to go for it.