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Bundesliga “News” Ache: From a snipback to a hit? – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Eintracht Frankfurt is on the verge of signing U21 international Ragnar Ache, according to media reports. The 21-year-old is contractually bound until 2021 to the Dutch first division club Sparta Rotterdam and could not only become a snip, but also a real hit.

Ragnar Ache, born in Frankfurt am Main, didn’t have to ‘leave’ long when he was asked about the choice in an interview on the TV channel “RTV Rijnmond”: Bratwurst or Frikandeln? Without too much for the German regional court. The young st’rmer got into the grebeln when asked: Frankfurt or Rotterdam? “Because I have more to do with Rotterdam, I say Rotterdam,” said the 21-year-old.

The fact that this may soon change and that its centre of gravity can lie in Hesse is becoming more and more apparent in recent days. The magazine “Voetbal International” reported that the harmony will strike already in the winter and commit Ache. The Stormer also confirmed: “I’ve been interested.”

The Bundesliga is “a clear goal,” said Ache, who preferred to strip the jersey of Eintracht Frankfurt. “I’m happy with a call from Mr. Bobic,” the youngster makes no secret of his passion for the Eagles. The interest was obviously reciprocal.

Best conditions for the Bundesliga breakthrough

Why the Hessians are competing for the 21-year-old is obvious. Ahe’s potential is enormous. With its 1.87 m, it is not only head-ball-strong, but also curly robust. He can exploit plays, secure Belle, forward Belle and also play an opponent. Qualified, die in Frankfurt. And the best conditions to make a breakthrough in the Bundesliga as well.

In the Netherlands, Ache’s protests have been in the mouth since this season. The Sturker is often the best player of his team.

With fenf goals and three assists, he is directly on a third go Sparta hits. His achievements were rewarded with the first nomination in the German U21 national team at the beginning of November. It took him 120 seconds to score his first goal in the DFB dressing room.

Rapid ascent at Sparta Rotterdam

His fabulous start in the German selection awakened memories of his rapid rise at Sparta Rotterdam. After Ache started at the age of 12 at the Lower Dutch club and went through his youth teams, he retired with the pros in 2017.

There he quickly grasped Fu. Even greere r’ckschlege like the injury that will keep him out of the way in 2018/19, doesn’t throw him off course.

In the current season, Ache is hard to imagine from the Sparta team. The Mittelst-rmer, which can also be on the left floodplain, is one of the pivots of the Rotterdam offensive. A role that the managers of Eintracht Frankfurt are also hoping for for the Stérmer.

Is the harmony on a loan business?

Although even the transfer of Aches already hints at harmony, it could still be a few months before the Sturker takes the Jersey of the Eagles. In Rotterdam, they rely on his goals and templates to keep the class.

It is therefore conceivable that Frankfurt will commit the st-rmer already in the winter, but then lend it back to Sparta directly in the year.

The sum of the 21-year-old is expected to be between one and two million euros. With this, Ache fer can turn harmony into a real snip. There is no guarantee that the Sturkers will continue to develop so rapidly on the Main.

Finally, there are much more challenging challenges for him in the Bundesliga than in the Eredivisie. But the mere prospect of having a real “Frankfurt boy” in the team, who might become a face of the club for years to come, is more than worth the “manageable risk.”

Christian Schenzel