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Bundesliga “News” bang! Granit Xhaka ahead of Bundesliga R return – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Switzerland’s Granit Xhaka faces a surprise run in the German upper house after his departure from the Bundesliga. According to reports, the midfielder will move from Arsenal to Hertha BSC in the winter.

The “Bild” as well as the “Blick” also reports on the upcoming Bundesliga-R return of 27 years. Xhaka is said to have already informed his team-mate in London about the move to Berlin. The “dpa” also confirmed the Swiss’s mesenobest Arsenal farewell.

Xhaka’s adviser José Noguera did not deny the claim, saying only: “I don’t come to the bottom of the matter.” Hertha BSC ‘u’er also did not respond to requests for comment.

As a megliche Abl-sesumme f’r Xhaka are between 20 and 30 million euros in the spun. However, a loan including a purchase option is also to be discussed. According to Bild, Hertha’s manager has been in London in recent days – to discuss details of the deal.

Klinsmann condigs a

Asked about a lucrative commitment from Borussia Dortmund’s Mario Gotze, Hertha coach Jürgen Klinsmann recently said that the club is open to new opportunities in the transfer market.

“Through our constellation with our investor, we have completely different goals in the medium and long term and are going there with another,” Klinsmann said this week. ‘Whether it’s going to be Mario or other Champions League players – that’s going to be normal. This will be our future. We’re looking for them.”

Xhaka was from Gladbach to Arsenal before 2016. He rose to the top of the English club, but was dropped in early November due to a dispute with his own fans.