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by: Adam Smith


Timo Werner meets RB Leipzig as he wants – even on worse days. At Borussia Dortmund he didn't quite know why he could score two goals. BVB captain Marco Reus teased afterwards with a smile to his colleague from the national team.

Timo Werner limped up and down in front of the team bus with his cellphone, chewing the midnight button out of the styrofoam box. The national team tip from RB Leipzig looked more thoughtful than euphoric – probably also because he did not know how the goals had fallen into his lap. "Until then, it was the worst game I had made for us," Werner said after the insane 3: 3 (0: 2) in the high-speed meeting at Borussia Dortmund.

Then these are probably luxury problems. He had been the recipient of the BVB tab twice, 18 goals from 16 Bundesliga matches is a dream record, which was the last German striker Gerd Müller to appear in 1977.

When the situation seemed hopeless, BVB keeper Roman Bürki misjudged the outcome of the ball on the wet lawn. "The rain started was probably our friend," said Werner, who pushed the ball into the empty goal from 30 yards. 1: 2.

BVB captain Marco Reus peas

The next target was even stranger, just minutes later. Werner had stayed on the sidelines, to put it positively, he was waiting precisely for what happened: His national teammate Julian Brandt involuntarily played the ball exactly in the foot. 2nd: "Fortunately you are so lazy," coach Julian Nagelsmann told Werner, BVB captain Marco Reus also teased with a smile: "He does it just because he is too lazy to run offside." But: He made it, even though they were two early Christmas presents. The game overturned.

"Julian didn't have his head up, and I didn't have my eyes on me," Werner said in his usual monotonous voice: "It was very happy goals." But these also count.

For the fifth time this season, Werner scored at least twice, and he also has his qualities in preparation (five assists). "I play sometimes on the ten, sometimes on the top, sometimes on the side," he stressed, "I play very different positions."

Werner takes on Bayern star Lewandowski

Werner's games are thus expanded by one dimension. Nagelsmann asked him to "see spaces and interpret them better". On average, he hits every 75 minutes.

And now, in the tenth attempt, even against BVB for the first time. He is the only one who can compete with Robert Lewandowski in the league.

The target is therefore within reach. "To win the last game, then we are fall champions, it's something special for us," Werner said. However, this idea was not yet ready for the title. Not even from the double goal scorer.