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Bundesliga “News” Christian Jauk re-elected as Storm president – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Christian Jauk is re-elected as president of SK Sturm Graz without a vote against.

Christian Jauk has been re-elected as president of the Bundesliga club Sturm Graz. The 54-year-old banker, who has been with the club since Junner in 2012, was in office for four years without a vote against at Friday’s annual general meeting.

“Storm is alive, from president to jengest member. I started in 2012 with 1,200 members, in 2020 we have 3,000 members,” Jauk said after his standing ovation. In his Vision 2024, he set himself the target of 4,000 members.

His goal of his own “Storm Stadium” has not yet been realized. Jauk stressed the importance of a “home” for the club, including its own marketing rights. “Overall, this is interpreted as a standard, but in Graz as a non-essential. The stadium is in small leagues of salute the income factor,” Jauk said. “I don’t know if I’m going to see Sturm’s new home as president. But I will make 100 percent sure that this dream comes true.”

Sturm Graz second in “Kreissl-Table” behind Salzburg

In the previous tenure of Jauk, who was involved in the restructuring of the club after the forced equalization in 2007 as chief financial officer, the Styrians celebrated the fifth Cup title in the club’s history in 2018. Internationally, however, the qualification fer has not been achieved since 2011. Economically, the club has had a good record, with exact figures to be presented in the coming week’s report. Chairman of the Supervisory Board Ernst Wustinger emphasized: “Sturm has no loans, Sturm has no debt, Sturm Graz is financially sound.”

Sport-Gesch-ftsf-hrer Gunter Kreissl, his future after the end of the season is still uncertain, hinders on the second place, the Storm after points behind Salzburg in a “Kreissl-Table” (since 2016). The Viennese drew a transfer balance sheet from the 2016/17 season, which according to his calculation a profit of 10 million euros with a total transfer income of 15 million euros. Kreissl of the “unanimous wish” that Sturm and his amateur team from the Regionalliga should advance to the 2nd La Liga.

The new seven-k-pfige board team now comes from jenger and also female-staffed by Susanne Gorny. 341 people were entitled to vote at the event at Raiffeisenlandesbank Styria in Raaba.