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Bundesliga “News” contact ban! Bentaleb talks about Schalke’s disembarkation – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


In January, Nabil Bentaleb’s ‘ra at Schalke 04 comes to an end after 3.5 years. After some distortions and the associated deportation in the second team of the Football League, the signs are clearly goodbye. Now the Algerian has fully committed himself to his disembarkation.

“I never want to hurt the team or our efforts. I really believe that people have a false image of me,” Bentaleb told Bild: “Not everything that was discussed in public is true. I’m not the ‘bad boy’ that a lot of people hold me.’

The 25-year-old doesn’t really want to talk about the injured players – like Bentaleb – when he missed a home game of the Kunigsblues against RB Leipzig in 2019, although the then interim coach Huub Stevens also called the injured players – like Bentaleb – into the stadium. “All I had to say was that my wife was in hospital for three months during that time. She was pregnant with our twins. I slept with her every night,” the midfielder revealed.

On the day of the game against the Red Bulls there were finally new medical problems, so that he quickly made his way to the hospital. “Unfortunately, I forgot to send a message to the coach or call him. I was really sorry for that, but my head wasn’t about football at the time,” Bentaleb said.

He wanted to be with his wife during the difficult time. His mistake was not to give notice in time, he was pushing on his inexperience as an aging father. ‘But I’m taking full responsibility, I didn’t report that. I apologized that day,” the Algerian quid.

Did Bentaleb deny a real chance at Schalke 04 in the summer of 2019?

Afterwards, he was told that he would get a new chance under David Wagner. But that promise has never been fulfilled. ‘At some point I knew I’d be better off leaving the club. But then I have to have surgery on my knee,” the midfielder said.

After all, everything is now very popular and he had good experiences in the training of the U23 and even two games. Despite his recovery, however, the road to the license squad was still blocked.

“To me something that I’m not allowed to participate in the training of the first team and that I should stay away from the team building,” Bentaleb said, adding: “No direct or indirect contact.”

There had been talks with the Schalke bosses, but he did not understand his disembarkation. “The management has made me feel like I find my féhigkeiten on the field. But I was allowed to deny to the coach that it is. I never have a chance to talk to him,” Bentaleb said.

Bentaleb: I have some great moments at Schalke

In the surrounding, swirling claims that he was too selfish or had a lack of will to integrate pushed the 25-year-old half. “People who do something like that don’t know me. Ask other players! I love this club and the fans. That’s the flap for so long.” He wanted to prove himself on the field, but never had the chance to do so.

Despite everything, he did not regret the move to FC Schalke. “I had a great moment yesterday. We have a runners-up championship, we play in the Champions League,” he said. He did not want to get a war with the club: “The club is always more gréer than individual players.”

The Algerian derby has not yet revealed how it will proceed in concrete terms. What is clear is that his time in Gelsenkirchen is over. ‘It’s still far too freh to say. The transfer window will not open until January. Then I will pre-enclose my opportunities and decide where my future lies.”