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Bundesliga “News” Curious: Klinsmann without a proper coaching license – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Must prove to the DFB a successful football teacher’s license: J.J. Klinsmann

Hertha coach Jürgen Klinsmann is a “picture” report that proves a successful football teacher’s license.

According to the statement, the 55-year-old and his club had been asked by the DFB to provide proof of this until the berlin round opener on 19 January against Bayern Munich. Klinsmann, the process with fer he currently intangible documents, is represented, probably in any case by his assistants, the cheeky Bremen head coach Alexander Nouri.

“When I flew to Berlin at the end of November, I didn’t think I would need my coaching license and the training certificates, because I didn’t know that I was quoting Hertha-Trainer”, “Bild” the french german coach. “At Christmas, I just got the documents,” he said. Currently, no one is in the house in California, because my wife is at my daughter’s place of study. But I’m in the process of teaching all the documents.”

The ex-professional acquired his license in June 2000 at a SPECIAL DFB course. “Each licence is a five-year licence after receipt,” the DFB stipulates. “For the use of the licence, (…) will provide proof.”

Tobias Haupt, head of the DFB-Akademie, told the “Bild” that these were also applicable to klinsmann’ rules. “That’s being practiced now. We know that he has continued to train in recent years, for example in Mexico and Brazil, where less attention has been paid to certificates.”

Together with the German Fueball League and Klinsmann, “concrete measures” will now be discussed, “The boys can close the L’cken again, for example by participating in the international elite coaching congress in Mainz in February”, Haupt. Klinsmann has ‘n- ton-chst the chief positions at Hertha at the end of November, until the end of the season.