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Bundesliga “News” Despite Haaland: BVB beats Mainz – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Press photo Rudel/Robin Rudel via www.imago-images.

In the debet of top talent Erling Haaland, f&d’e. Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund suffered their first defeat in the new year at training camp in Marbella.

The team of coach Lucien Favre lost on Saturday in the test against league opponent FSV Mainz 05 with 0:2 (0:1) and thus missed the dress rehearsal for the league start next Saturday at FC Augsburg.

Haaland, who has recovered from knee problems, was only on the bench before he was caught at half-time by Jacob Bruun Larsen. Karim Onisiwo (45th) and Moussa Niakhate (54th) met for the Rhine Hesse.

In the afternoon BVB won its second test of the year with 4:2 (2:1) against the 15-time Dutch champion Feyenoord Rotterdam.

In the first victory in the preparation, especially European champion Raphael Guerreiro with a double pack (1./56.). The Dortmund goals were scored by Giovanni Reyna (44th), son of Bundesliga pros Claudio Reyna and Chris Fuhrich (66th). Marco Reus made his comeback after a muscle fiber tear.

Since the booked stadium of Marbella was not available and the training zone where the games were moved was not available for spectators due to security reasons, the BVB fans travelling with the Costa del Sol see the death of the BVB fans. the test match in the live ticker:

End of the second half

In the last test before the start of the rack round, BVB lost 0-2 to FSV Mainz 05. The Mainz players went through Onisiwo in Fuhrung (45th) a little bit before the break, but earned the lead after the break with a number of great chances. Niakhaté to 2-0 (54th). At times there was frighteningly little from the Dortmund players, only in the final phase there were two more half chances through Debétant Erling Haaland. The bottom line is a highly deserved victory for the team of Achim Beierlorzer, who have already presented themselves here in Bundesliga form at times.

88th minute ”

Pherai breaks through in the centre and can only be stopped by Niakhaté by a hard foul play. Fer such a boarding is also in a friendly game rightly the yellow card. Brandt puts the delligen Freistoe in the wall.

85th minute ”

And another Haaland chance! Again the Norwegian l’uft at the Funfer and comes to the ball after a steep play. But Niakhaté is close and blocks the shot from three yards to the side.

82nd minute ”

Quickly the first goal of Erling Haaland! Fehrich picks up speed on the left floodplain and sees Schulz, who is still overl-uft. Shortly before the baseline, the defender puts the ball on the Fénfer, where Haaland runs in and brings the ball on goal from a short distance. The substituteMüller in the Mainz goal reacts to the side.

78th minute ”

An interplay between Brandt and the substitute Féhrich brings BVB a good field position. From the left side, Brandt finally slits a dangerous flank on the funfmeter space. But the attackers in the middle.

75th minute ”

After all, another annification! Brosinski gets a lot of time on the right and serves Maxim in the middle. The midfielder stays within 11 metres in front of goal at Gotze and Pherai, but continues strongly and refuels. From meter seven, however, it then aims clearly too high.

73rd minute ”

The game is now pl’tschert on a very modest level. For almost 15 minutes there has been no finish on the two goals.

70th minute ”

Mainz now let the opponent come again, but the Dortmunders can’t use the h-here field position. Erling Haaland is also still completely in the air. So far, the Norwegian has not yet received a single usable play.

65th minute ”

There is alarmingly little coming from Dortmund after the change of sides. Against very committed Mainzers, the Westphalians still barely make it into the last third. The Rheinland-Pfilzer make life in the midfield very difficult for BVB. Currently, Borussia’s ball possession phases are fast in their own H-lfte.

62nd minute ”

Brandt looks for Alc-cer with a ball in the deep. The Spaniard is his guards, but Zentner gets out wide and clamours the ball with a courageous act.

59th minute ”

Quickly the 3-0! Hitz will guide the ball on the side on the right, but plays the leather flat into the fun. The Aust-rmer immediately puts on a lay-off in the middle, but the Swede from six metres to Hitz, who makes up for his mistakes. Only seconds more spéter Quaison is free again, again Hitz is on the spot. Mainz is just dr-ckend overlegen. Not much came from Dortmund after the break.

54th minute, TOR for Mainz 05! 2-0 by Moussa Niakhaté

Mainz made a serious mistake in the BVB defence to make it 2-0. After a corner from the left side, several Dortmund players oversee the head-ball-heavy Niakhaté. Free-standing k-pft the 1.90-m-Hun weighs the ball ig into the stitches. Raschl is still trying to clunk on the line, but comes to spét.

53rd minute ”

There is not a lot of pace in the game even after the break. Mainz is currently listing BVB more and stands compact. Situationally, the 05s then increase the pressure.

50th minute ”

Haaland claims the ball on the right wing and can only be fouled by Niakhaté. However, Hazard’s Freisto variant is far too short.

48th minute ”

The first few minutes after the restart go back to the Mainzers. With their high pressing, they sneak Dortmund behind. The Dortmunder now in the 4-4-2 system with Haaland and Alc-cer in the double storm.

Second-half whistle

We continue in Marbella. The ball rolls again and BVB has to run a rock stand behind. Erling Haaland is now in his first game with Borussia. He comes for Bruun Larsen

End of the first half

A toe of first H-lfte ends with the only hit of the game. Karim Onisiwo puts Mainz in front with the break whistle. After 45 minutes, dying primarily were pr-gt by tactics, the 1-0 is not an alternative intermediate stage. Both teams have been on the lookout so far, but overall chances were rather in short supply. It’s on right away.

45th minute, TOR for Mainz 05, 1-0 by Karim Onisiwo

Seconds before the break, Onisiwo puts Mainz in the lead. Hazard recklessly loses the ball against Baku. The midfielder will immediately play steeply and is looking for Onisiwo with a chipped play. Akanji slips the ball through and gets his opponent to the ball. From ten meters, the attacker tunnels Hitz from a half-left position.

43rd minute ”

Morey plays a steep pass to hazard on the right sideline. The Belgian immediately flanks into the box and finds Julan Brandt. However, the former Leverkusen player does not bring his header to the goal. The ball goes a little under half a metre ‘over the right toreck.

40th minute ”

Both rows manage to play the first pressing line again and again. But then in the midfield there is usually no good idea or a foul prevents the further vorsto.

36th minute ”

Brandt with the top chance for BVB! Hazard gets the ball on the right and immediately pulls into the middle with a lot of pace. In the room of ten, the Mainzer does not get any pressure on the offensive player, so that he can get into the alley for Brandt. With a short twist, this Niakhaté runs into the void, but then from between 11 meters to Zentner.

32nd minute ”

Yesterday BVB was concerned in the first 30 minutes about a controlled game structure. With a few exceptions, however, there is still no net creativity beyond the middle line. The Mainzers vary their pressing and thus dictate the BVB often the way to the interior defenders. Since the offside goal, however, offensively, very little came from Mainz.

30th minute ”

A mismatch between Zagadou and Brandt causes an undisre ball loss. 30 metres from his own goal, the Frenchman has to play the leather into the goal to prevent a counter. The corner of the 05s is unreliable.

28th minute ”

Morey slips out in the R-ckw-rts movement and thus erm-glicht so a vorstoe of the Mainzer. Onisiwo leufts the play on the right. The flank of Oztunali sails past friend and foe.

25th minute ”

Bruun Larsen is very present with the Dortmund players in this initial phase. The Den will make visible use of his chance yesterday and makes many way with and without ball in the H-lfte.

23rd minute ”

Zagadou opens the left side with a great pass. Bruun Larsen hits the open space and gets to the ball at the penalty area. Zentner, however, is very quickly drava and fends off the BVB player’s chip ball to the side. Strong action from all involved!

It’s 20th minute ”

On the other hand, the Mainzers are speculating on their switching moments. The BVB defense is wide awake. Zun-chst Akanji untroubled Quaison, little more spéter does Zagadou with Mateta. Twice there was a long ball in the deep.

18th minute ”

First final fer the Dortmunder! Zagadou gets some space and tr-gt the leather into the angular H-lfte. His play on the left lands with Bruun Larsen, who is fine with baltreatment and searches in the storm center Alc-cer. The Spaniard is a bit ‘awesome and only gets the ball gently treaded towards goal.

15th minute ”

On both sides, slight ball losses continue to plow the action. Hardly one thing that it will remain at 0-0 for a long time to come.

11th minute ”

First corner ball fer the Goste, after Pierre-Gabriel has humorlessly walked a hazard to the Trib-ne. Hazard’s corner stoe finally lands on the head of Zagadou, who does not get leather on the Mainz box.

7th minute ”

Mainz remains the poisonous team in the spanish sun! The FSV presses enormously and repeatedly steals the leather from the foot of the Dortmunders. This almost pays off: customer st’t ‘ber left in the penalty area and looks for Sto-st-rmer Mateta. Hitz gets the finger on the cross-pass, but can’t hold the ball and so the ball lands at Mateta, who relaxes. The referee whistles the situation. Off!

4th minute ”

The chance of the Mainzers seems to have taken BVB out of its dornr’s sleep. The first finish, however, remains withthe Black-Yellows, as Alc-cer is sidelined after a scathing play.

2nd minute ”

The people of Mainz want to know and put pressure on from the very beginning! Kunde attacks Brandt, chases the ball away from the German national player and earns the first chance of the game. But Hitz is on the spot and can klur to the corner. It doesn’t bring anything.

1st minute, first-half whistle

On it’ go! The ‘actual procedure story is, st’t the BVB. The game is snubs.

Haaland only on the bench

The BVB fans are still waiting for the first assignment of Erling Haaland. The Norwegian starts on the bench.

Does BVB start the win against Feyenoord? +++

The game against Mainz is borussia’s second game on Saturday. At lunchtime a duel against the Dutch club Feyenoord Rotterdam was on the agenda. There BVB won 4-2 in the end and celebrated the first victory of the year. Are you taking the trend against Mainz?

Haaland for BVB? +++

With the commitment of Erling Haaland, BVB can land a real coup during the winter break. Against the 1st FSV Mainz 05 the Sturker could now collect important playing practice. “I hope I can play and I’m looking forward to it,” the attacker said at training camp on Friday.

BVB needs a catch-up

With 30 points, BVB is in fourth place in the Fueball-Bundesliga. The rack stand on table leader RB Leipzig already has seven Z’hlers. The 1st FSV Mainz 05 is in 14th place during the winter break with 18 points. Both coaches are hoping for important insights from the game.