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Bundesliga “News” DFL boss Seifert criticizes hand-play interpretation – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


DFL chief Christian Seifert has committed to football rules and pyrotechnics

DFL chief Christian Seifert has been positive about the use of video evidence in German football, but sees the pre-interpretation of hand games as an “absolute eras” experience.

Nobody knows, was hand is and was not,” Seifert said in an interview with Bild am Sonntag. Similar things apply to millimetre decisions on the sidelines, the business leader of the German Fu-ball League.

From Seifert’s point of view, the great challenge for video assistants is “not the technology, but rules that, firstly, no one understands anymore and secondly becomes complete”.

At the moment, the referees were less certain than before, he could not blame them. “My sincere hope is that we’ll come up with a hand rule that’s understandable and the referee knows it was to do,” Seifert said.

Cold pyrotechnics? Seifert dares “stoive thesis”

Seifert is critical of the so-called cold pyrotechnics. “There is no such thing as vegan roast pork,” the 50-year-old said. If something is 200 degrees instead of 2000 degrees, the term “cold” is at least a label hoax.

Grunds-tzlich never understood why the burning of pyrotechnics should be a steep part of fan culture.

Initial tests apparently suggest that cold pyrotechnics cannot be a viable alternative. “And I’m worth the steep this that controlled burning of sor cold pyrotechnics is not that was in mind for those who are currently burning off hei-e pyrotechnics uncontrollably,” said the DFL chief.