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Bundesliga “News” dress rehearsal: Schalke 04 completes HSV – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Winter newcomer Michael Gregoritsch has led fu-ball Bundesliga side Schalke 04 to a successful dress rehearsal for the start of the round with his first goal.

The loan of FC Augsburg in the 4-0 (1:0) success at the second division Hamburger SV the Fuhrungstreffer (18th). Benito Raman (56th), Alessandro Schopf (64th) and Rabbi Matondo (87th) scored the other goals of the Goste.

The ex-captain Alexander Nebel, who has left for Bayern Munich in the summer, is only on the bench, with Markus Schubert in goal.

Schalke open the Bundesliga round on Friday against second-placed Borussia Mönchengladbach. Fog is blocked after his red card. Accompanied the part in the LIVE blog. Yesterday there are the highlights to read.

Hamburger SV: FC Schalke 04 0:4

Crack: 0:1 Michael Gregoritsch (18th), 0:2 Benito Raman (56th), 0:3 Alessandro Schopf (64th), 0:4 Rabbi Matondo (87th)

Line-up Schalke: Schubert – Kenny (from 82. Taitague), Kabak (from 82. Becker) , Nastasic (from 71. Thiaw), Oczipka (from 62. Miranda) – Caligiuri (from 46. Boujellab), Mascarell (from 71. Mercan), Harit (from 82. Matondo), Serdar (from 62. Schopf) – Raman (from 71. Burgstaller), Gregoritsch (from 62. Kutu


The dress rehearsal is smooth, in the last test match before the R’ckrunden kick-off FC Schalke wins 4-0 at Hamburger SV. Already in the first half the G’ste had more of the game, newcomer Michael Gregoritsch scored with his first goal in the Schalker jersey the lead (18th). The HSV came to the supposed connection by Dudziak, but the hit did not take a hit. After the break, the Rothosen presented themselves significantly improved, but the chances to equalise were missed. Schalke punished the ice cold with a double strike. Raman (56th) and Schunpf (64th) provided matondo with the final score (86th). The summer to FC Bayern Munich changing fog sa’ber 90 minutes on the bench. Wom-like, the former S04 captain must also r’umen his place on the first round of the r’umen on the first round of the r’um.

90th minute, whistle 2nd half and end of game

On time is the end of the day.

87th minute, Tooor f-r Schalke 04, 0:4 by Rabbi Matondo

Now it’s clear! Matondo is not attacked after an entry from the right side and the ball is uncompromisingly swayed from eleven yards out to the right of the posts. Heuer Fernandes is without any defensive chance.

86th minute ”

Boujellab is placed in front of the penalty area, which gives a free-shot from a promising situation. Miranda takes care of the matter, loops the ball over the wall, but past the gate.

83rd minute, yellow card for Malick Thiaw (Schalke 04)

The 18-year-old picks Harnik from the legs at the center line from behind r’de and sees the second yellow card of this part.

82nd minute ”

Matondo still has about ten minutes of service time, like Becker and Taitague. Kenny, Kabak and Harit have a day off.

79th minute ”

In short it gets really brittle! Moritz has a lot of space on the right side and slams a pinpoint flank on the head of Harnik. The ex-Bremer completes the art of bugging the ball from four meters over Schubert’s box. That must be the 1:3 breast!

78th minute ”

Kabak clenses a Leibold flank with a flying head ball to the corner. The standard does not bring anything to the HSV, Kutucu already kluls at the first post.

74th minute ”

Thiaw goes into the duel with great self-confidence, conquers the ball in his own H-lfte and then starts the solo. It is only at the Hamburg penalty area that the young Finn surrenders to Harit, who then gets bogged down in the dribbling against Jung.

71st minute ”

Three more changes at the Gosten: Thiaw, a young kicker from the U19, Mercan and Burgstaller, Nastasic, Mascarell and Raman.

68th minute ”

Unlike after the 0:2, the fast 0:3 seems to have pulled the tooth of the landlords. Schalke runs the ball and opponents well.

64th minute, Tooor f-r Schalke 04, 0:3 by Alessandro Schapf

A successful joker insert from the textbook! The newly changed Miranda flanks from the left side on the newly changed Shed. The ‘sterreicher’ lays the ball past Jung at the acceptance and pushes the ball from seven meters ‘overlays into the long corner. Already done!

62nd minute ”

New staff on the side: Moritz and Amaechi are on the hamburger side, f’r Schalke are now playing Miranda, Schupf and Kutucu.

60th minute ”

Hamburg is far from impressed after the second goal and continues to play forward. First Nastasic slams Jairo’s shot just like that, at the next corner Harnik comes to the header and drecks the ball to the bar. Schalke again in the Glock!

56th minute, Tooor f-r Schalke 04, 0:2 by Benito Raman

Exactly in the best phase of the Hamburger fell the second goal fer the FC Schalke! And more than 50 percent of this hit goes to the account of template provider Harit. The Moroccan dribbles his way through the penalty area, then this year Ferandes steps out. Instead of shooting himself, Harit stops the ball by hoe and lays across Raman. This time the Belgian does not sit with the finish and pushes in from eight meters.

54th minute ”

Schalke are losing some of their access to this Test match. This is also partly due to the fact that the HSV comes out of the cabin significantly improved. Kinsombi slips a direct take-off, but Jatta continues and produces a dangerous flank. Nastasic takes advantage of his edge and pulls the ball out of the danger zone.

51st minute ”

18 times Martin Harnik is already on the pitch against Schalke, against no club .fter. Almost wre the ‘sterreicher against his favorite opponent also managed a hit. Narey Flankes from the right half-field, the attacker spikes the goal from seven metres, but Schubert reaches for it safely.

49th minute ”

As in the first half, the HSV is getting off to a good start. Dudziak refuels in penalty area-he through the konigsblaue defensive. But Kinsombi lands the ball at Jatta, who is looking for the end with his swaying left foot. The attempt goes far and wide.

47th minute ”

The game again. Wihrend Schalke changes (Boujellab for Caligiuri), exchanges HSV coach Dieter Hecking three times. Van Drongelen, Jung and Harnik are now on the lawn.

46th minute, kick-off 2nd half

Half-time conclusion

Break at the Volksparkstadion, FC Schalke beat the Konigsblauen 1-0 in the test match at HSV. Winter newcomer Michael Gregoritsch scored the Konigsblauen (18th) for the first time in his second game. Schalke had more of the game, Raman smashed the 2-0 just before the break. But Hamburg also showed good start in the offensive. Dudziak hit the supposed equaliser (23rd), the f——————— In the second section, it is expected that there will be a change of heart. In a few minutes it goes on.

45th minute, whistle 1st half

45th minute ”

Before the break, the HSV switches up a gear. Narey curls a shot from 14 yards just past the left post. Shortly thereafter there is a pause.

44th minute ”

On the other hand, Schubert is now really challenged. Hinterseer’s shot is blocked by Nastastic, the ball pins to the right side to Jairo. The Spaniard doesn’t sit for long and helps with the second contact. Schubert has to stretch and steers the shot over the box. The following HSV corner brings nothing.

42nd minute ”

It shouldn’t be with a hit for Raman! After a strong individual performance, Harit gives up to Gregoritsch, who plays 20 meters centrally in front of the goal again to the left side to Raman. Free-standing Belgian Heuer Fernandes shoots the ball glove on his chest. Here, too, the ex-Düsseldorfer has to make more of it!

38th minute, yellow card for Markus Schubert (Schalke 04)

Schubert knocks the ball into the out near the corner flag, Jairo grabs the ball and is quickly thrown in. Schubert prevents this by trying to knock the ball out of the HSV player’s hand. A yellow card as curious as it is unnatural.

37th minute ”

That has to be the 2-0 breast! As in minute 33, Serdar has plenty of space and this time puts through at the right moment on Raman. The attacker has enough space to turn around Heuer Fernandes, but then scores too much time when he shot into the empty goal. Kinsombi, the Belgian spits the ball off!

34th minute ”

The Hanseatic League tries it on one of the rare fronts over the left side. Leibold stumbles the ball, but involuntarily brings Jatta into play. But the left-winger can’t get past Kenny.

33rd minute ”

Serdar dribbles with a lot of pace on the Hamburg four-man chain, but misses the right moment of play. As his pass into the interface, Raman is on the sidelines.

30th minute ”

Compared to the first few minutes, the HSV is increasingly moving into its own H-lfte. Schalke use the freedom suscant in the build-up to the game and wait patiently for the luncken in the centre. Kenny discovers one, sends Raman into the sixteenth. The Belgian proes with a lob from a sharp angle, so he does not lure Heuer Fernandes out of the reserve.

27th minute ”

The game takes its first breather, after all it is only a test match. Gef-Since the supposed offside hit of Dudziak h-ben like dr-ben, there have been no more actions.

23rd minute ”

Hamburg hits the balance – but the hit doesn’t take a hit! Jatta dribbles from the left side along the penalty area line in the middle and pulls away from 16 yards, Schubert can only bounce the attempt forward. There Dudziak stands right and drecks the ball into the now empty goal. Immediately, however, the flag of the assistant goes up: offside. Schalke have Gluck, as the replay shows. Kabak has the offside, gébe’s at friendlies the video proof, now it is 1:1.

21st minute ”

The ‘sterreicher remains dangerous and has the Fée in the game in all Schalker actions. Now over-the-top Gregoritsch a free-scorer from 30 yards, but it comes too centrally on the box.

18th minute, Tooor f-r Schalke 04, 0:1 by Michael Gregoritsch

This is a startelfdebet for the winter newcomer! Caligiuri’s corner lands half-clunking in the R-ckraum at Oczipka. The floodplain defender takes full risk and pulls off the drop-kick. The shot probably went just short of it, but at the funfmeter space Gregoritsch h-lt the fuespitze into the trajectory. From close range, the ball creeps under the bar.

16th minute ”

Now the HSV is also coming for the first time in the penalty area. Narey’s flank from the right runs to the long post. There Dudziak stands unguarded and lays down again in the middle. Mascarell cleans up the situation before Hinterseer gets to the ball.

14th minute ”

The Schalker offensive game shows a clear tactic: Michael Gregoritsch is at the center of the target players go Pésse and flanks. If the loan from FC Augsburg is not enough at the goal, a conclusion follows directly. Heuer Fernandes in the goal of the hosts is behind the head ball of the ‘sterreicherbut but too little steam.

12th minute ”

The HSV can get rid of itself a little bit at this stage. Fein shows his technique excellently and takes out two Schalkers in the midfield. The attack is finally blocked by Mascarell, who blows the ball away from Dudziak.

9th minute ”

Jatta led Gregoritsch to the first dangerous conclusion! The Gambian loses the ball at his own, Raman immediately forwards to Gregoritsch. The ‘sterreicher takes the ball once and shoots out of it just past the right post.

7th minute ”

Uncertainties have now been made after Schalke’ command. Again Harit is the starting point fer a recited attack, this time Raman is looking for his storm partner Gregoritsch with a flat entry. The last pass in the penalty area has not yet arrived.

5th minute ”

Caligiuri funns a weak Hamburg diagonal pass and switches quickly. Ber Harit and Serdar got to Oczipka on the ball to the left side. The left defender lst Narey with a simple Kurpert-uschung stands and flanks in the middle. Gregoritsch is missing a few centimetres in the head-ball duel.

2nd minute ”

The HSV puts pressure on the forwards from the start and puts the Schalker four-man chain and Keeper Schubert under pressure. Oczipka loses the ball on the left, but Jatta can’t make a profit.

1st minute, whistle 1st half

And off! The HSV plays in the white home jerseys with the red pants, Schalke plays in black.

Spectator interest is limited

Only about 10,000 spectators watch the test match between the HSV and Schalke 04 in the Volksparkstadion. Old Pletze remains empty. Meanwhile, the players have gathered in the catacombs and get ready to go to the turf. In a few minutes we start.

How the Hamburger SV plays

Even without a winter newcomer, the Hamburger SV will be on the show. That may change this weekend, as the transfer of Louis Schaub is imminent, according to media reports. The midfielder, who has been sacked by FC Koln, has already passed the medical check, with the latest details about a summer purchase option still missing.

How FC Schalke plays

Now it is also official: Michael Gregoritsch celebrates his starting eleven for FC Schalke against HSV. The ‘sterreicher plays against his ex-club in the front line next to Benito Raman. Alexander Nunbel’s name is not found in the first eleven, Markus Schubert tops the gate at the beginning.

Swirl around Alexander Nubel

It has been clear for about a week: Alexander Nunbel will leave FC Schalke in the summer and join FC Bayern. On the same day, the young keeper lost the capiton bandage, which he only ‘nimbled’ in the summer. Omar Mascarell will succeed him.

It is unclear whether N’bel will return to the Schalker Gate. The Bald-Bayer missed the first round two games red-locked, also in the aftermath Wagner could rely on replacement keeper Markus Schubert. Nunbel was not used in the test match against St. Truiden.

First starting eleven fer newcomer Gregoritsch? +++

Already against St. Truiden Michael Gregoritsch celebrated his first appearance in the kunigsblue dress, which changed ‘sterreicher at half-time. FC Augsburg has the first time in the starting eleven against the HSV.

So far, Gregoritsch is the only winter newcomer. Wom-like, however, the Schalkers will still be on the personnel shortage in the defense. “We will react to the current situation in winter. This means that we will still be thinking about ‘internal defence’, explained License Area Coordinator Sascha Riether recently.

Training camp in the Spanish sun

THE first test match as part of the winter training camp is set in the sand by FC Schalke. Against the Belgian first division VV St. Truiden the Kunigsblauen lost 0:1. After all, Matja Nastasic and Alessandro Schopf celebrated after cured injuries of their comebacks.

Yesterday, the Schalke-Tross sets off from the Spanish Fuente élamo on their way home to wet-cold Germany. The charter plane headed directly to Hamburg.

Positive developments on Schalke

Schalke collect 30 points in the Bundesliga round, so the minnows are in second place, equal to their eternal rival BVB. Only the goal-scoring league separates the Schalkers from a Champions League place. The development that the team has taken under coach Wagner cannot be overlooked. Former problem pros (Amine Harit) and stamped transfer flops (Omar Mascarell and Suat Serdar) are pletzlich-wearing sauls of the team and flaunt their role glunn. Where does the konigsblaue path in the rack round go? The closing test can be a finger pointing.

HSV launches test matches

Unlike FC Schalke, Hamburger SV still has some time to prepare for the second division. Fer the former Bundesliga dino gets serious again on 29.01. against 1. FC Nuremberg. Before that, the Rothosen also test against FC Basel and VfB Lonbeck.

Already, the full focus is on the Re-Ascension mission. After 18 games, the HSV is second, three points behind leader Arminia Bielefeld. The Stuttgart, Heidenheim and Aue, however, sit in the neck of the Hanseatic League.


Winter dress rehearsal for FC Schalke! Before the round opener against Borussia Mönchengladbach (Friday, 17.01.) Test Konigsblau one last time. In the Volksparkstadion, David Wagner’s team meets Hamburger SV.