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Bundesliga “News” Frankfurt in crisis and under pressure – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Eintracht Frankfurt is in deep crisis ahead of the last appearance of the actually successful 2019 football year. At the end of SC Paderborn, the Hessen are under duress.

On the highlight of the round, Adi Hétter almost prefers in hindsight. 5-1 success against the big FC Bayern Munich, the coach of Eintracht Frankfurt has in hindsight as a negative senenian turning point otherwise so successful “I think in the end it was the Héhe that gave many around the world a bit of a head twisted hat,” he told the Bild newspaper.

After the outstanding victory in the Bundesliga, Eintracht has only scored a miserable point, even losing seven of the last nine games. He doesn’t necessarily think his players are blinded by success. “But overall, the result was maybe a bit too high,” H’tter said: “If you win 2-1, you wouldn’t get the win that high.”

Before the round-robin final on Sunday evening at the table-closing light SC Paderborn, the Hessen is now under enormous pressure. In the event of a defeat, the struggling Europa League participants probably reached the final relegation battle. “We all read the table,” H’tter said: “It is clear that the issue of freshness must not be decisive. We measure the last 10 to 15 percent out again.”

Numerous Frankfurt missing

This will be anything but easy for The Frankfurters, who continue to be on their gums in terms of personnel, curly and mental. In addition to numerous injuries (among others Kevin Trapp, Frederik Rannow, Lucas Torr) and the suspended (Martin Hinteregger, David Abraham), the Hessen also threatens the loss of midfielder Sebastian Rode and goalkeeper Goncalo Paciéncia. Both were defeated during the week in the 2-4 defeat to 1. FC Koln.

Nevertheless, after Wednesday’s bitter bust, H’tter is hoping for a “reaction” from his team, who have been able to rehabilitate themselves with the 2-0 lead, which is so recklessly playful. “We measure everyone together, fight together on the pitch and pull ourselves out of this situation as a team,” said the ‘sterreicher: “That’s what’s very important. We’ve had a long season, but we’re going to get it all out again.’

But that is also what the Paderborners want, whose situation at the end of the table is still a good steck desterer. Funf points were before the 17th day of play to the saving shore, then there is already a small gap.

The factor of strength in the encounter can develop for the encounter. “The Frankfurters already have a lot of games in their legs, much more than us,” says SCP defender Sebastian Schonlau, hoping for a victory at the end of the year: “Then we go with a good feeling in the winter break.”