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Bundesliga “News” Matthus r’tselt ‘over Nebel’s decision – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Alexander Nunbel’s decision not to extend his contract with FC Schalke 04 and to move to FC Bayern Monchen is causing a lot of inno-grit – even with international player Lothar Mathaus.

“I am just as speechless as the people in charge of S04,” the long-time Bayern professional wrote in his “Sky” column, adding: “As now, a young, ambitious and h-chst talented closing man swaps the Kapitons tie, the regular place at a big Club and the love of the fans against a reservist role.”

Mattthus can still understand Nunbel’s management. “Isn’t it better to accept the lucrative offer of the Schalkers and to switch to Bayern in one or two years and to stand immediately between the posts?” wondered the 58-year-old.

Schalke are said to have quit fog with a salary of €1million and an exit clause from 2021.

Matthus r’t nebel for winter change to FC Bayern

“Should Manuel Neuer renevate on his contract and continue to have the ambition of a 20-year-old, N’bel may make one or two games at Bayern, but nothing more,” Matthaus stressed: “I have him as an intelligent, reflective and clever young man. who knew exactly what he wanted. And that can’t really be a regular place on the bench.”

Should Nebel re-enter the Schalke jersey after his suspension, the 23-year-old is likely to be “spie-rutenlauf”. “If he went to Barcelona, Madrid or Manchester as a regular goalkeeper, the fans understood that,” Matthus said.

But a change on the Bayern bench is not acceptable to the konigsblue anh-nger. “The best thing for N’bel and all those involved is when he moves to Ménchen already in winter,” advised Matthus.

Does Neuer have to?

Mattthus does not assume that the reports published so far represent the whole truth of the impending change. ‘I don’t think we already know the whole truth and the backbenchers. This transfer leaves a lot of questions and speculations,” the TV pundit said.

“Can it be that there is an increased risk of injury with Manuel Neuer after the hard R-knack in the past and it is clear that he wants or must kick in the future?” mutma-te Mathaus asks, but not year after that. Manuel makes a top impression and his performances were outstanding.”

Liebugelt Neuer with a move abroad?

The question arises as to why the negotiations between FC Bayern and Neuer take so long. “Perhaps he still loves a move abroad to another top club like Matthus continues. The latest working paper in Munich is still open until 2021. A deadline of 2023 is to be made.

If one of these two conjectures of Mathaus of truth, he would better understand N’bel’s decision. “Should things be clear internally and Nunbel are to be informed, the whole thing can make more sense than it seems so far,” said the 1990 world champion.