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Bundesliga “News” Rafinha on title chase – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Many well-known faces from the Fueball-Bundesliga play largely unthinking of the German media abroad. Today in the spotlight: A former fan favourite of FC Bayern will take the crown at the Club World Cup, an ex-BVB player will fight relegation with his heart club and a migratory bird will find his glunck in Croatia.

That Marcio Rafael Ferreira de Souza, better known as Rafinha, is an absolute joy, he has already proven his professional career several times. Even though the long-time Bundesliga player was never a regular player in the ‘predominantly time of his eight years with the German record champion from Monchen, he enjoyed not only within the team, but also with the fans.

After 266 mandatory games fer the Monchner joined the Brazilian in the summer Flamengo Rio de Janeiro and has also laughed there well. After a short start-up period, the right-hander secured a regular place and ‘always with constant performances. After scoring six assists in 20 league appearances, the absolute h’hepunkt followed in November.

Together with former Bundesliga pros Diego (among others Werder Bremen) and Bruno Henrique (VfL Wolfsburg) Rafinha won the Copa Libertadores. The trio were still able to celebrate the Serie A championship with a day-to-day spur.

It suits the 34-year-old that he briefly slammed his left arm on his left arm and gleeful on the guitar.

But that’s not all: the former Bayern professional is currently in Doha with his team at the Club World Cup. In the semi-final against Al-Hilal, Rafinha provided the template for Bruno Henrique to make it 2-1 and celebrated with Flamengo the final. Jurgen Klopp will face Jurgen Klopp in the final at Liverpool.

Even if the Brazilians go against the reigning Champions League winner as outsiders in the game, Rafinha and Co. are counting on chances for the next title. Finally, the Reds won 2-1 against CF Monterrey.

Perhaps the next trophy will soon be the Kurper of the SedAmerican living man.

Blaszczykowski in crisis with Hearts Club

From titles, Jakub Blaszczykowski with his heart club Wisla Krakow at the moment only faithful. After eight successful years at Dortmund and three more at VfL Wolfsburg, the 34-year-old joined his former club in February.

There, “Cuba” experienced its second fr’hling, swung to the new captain and “convinced with fenf goals and two assists in eight games before his an injury slowed down.

In the current season, however, it’s not going to be round. From mid-September to early November, Blaszczykowski fell out again and has to watch his team go off the pitch as losers in rows. Even with his Return of R’little changed and Krakow fell after ten (!) Defeats at the steck years end of the table of the Ekstraklasa.

On the last day of the match, however, Maciej Stolarczyk’s team managed a fist-thick surprise and beat the top-ranked Pogon Szczettin 1-0 – the template came from Blaszczykowski, who leads his team back onto the field as a captain.

Whether Wisla can make the rounds this year will be a relegation. What is certain, however, is that “Cuba” will remain loyal to his heart club: “I have already said when I moved to BVB that I want to end my career there,” said the former Dortmund fanlie

Antonio Colak blunshes up in Croatia

Thinking of a career end Antonio Colak probably the least at the moment.

In the Bundesliga, the 26-year-old “Wandervogel” simply doesn’t want to fit – whether the stations Karlsruhe, Nuremberg, Darmstadt, Ingolstadt or Hoffenheim are here. After an 18-month loan to HNK Rijeka, the Croatian club decided in the summer to sign the Sturker – and with success.

Because in his home country Colak blunaufts up and is in absolute top form. Since his switch, he has had eight hits and four assists in 15 league games.

Also on the last day of the match, the German-Croatian levelled his team with a double-pack against NK Varazdin and thus has the velvet top, which currently holds the team of coach Simon Rozman.

It seems that the former migratory bird has found its happiness in its homeland.

Jonas Schlott