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Bundesliga news Robin Gosens clears up on Schalke switch – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Robin Gosens of The Italian first division at Atalanta Bergamo was in the Bundesliga. With a statement against -ber “Bergamo TV” about a measly change to FC Schalke 04, the left defender caused a great stir recently. Now he corrected his supposed words.

“If Schalke wants me, I’ll go,” the native Emmericher is said to have said in the interview. Against “” and “goal” he makes clear: “I am asked whether I will still move to Schalke after the negotiations in the summer of 2019. I have that I am horny my dream still in the Bundesliga and Schalke of the club of which I am still a fan.”

When the “moment is ripe and everything fits”, he wants to play “in the Bundesliga and preferably at Schalke”, “everything else is invented or wrongly ‘translated and does not correspond to the truth”.

Gosens is generally “very little” interested in “public opinion” and is therefore not annoyed by the speculations about the future. “But if they spread untruths, it is a great pity. When I am quoted, I think I will be quoted correctly. I have never made a secret of the fact that the Bundesliga and Schalke became my dream combination, but I don’t know when and if the realism will be.”

With Atalanta Bergamo, where he has been under the age of 2017, the defender is fourth in Serie A and in the Champions League quarter-finals. There he wants to start also in the next season, “that’s why I have also extended my contract until 2023”.

Fat: Gosens rejoices ‘over compliment’

With seven goals and four assists, Robin Gosens has made a big contribution to the team’s success this season. Lengst is also interested in following the performances of the 25-year-old, who has never played a professional club in Germany. He was even recommended by Lothar Matthus for the circle of the national team.

fat, was fer a compliment! That’s where you’re spinning,” the left-winger rejoiced at the compliment: “When a legend like Lothar Mathaus feels so ‘u’ert, it doesn’t hurt me cold. I am, of all, very happy about this. He is one of the most famous athletes in Germany. You can’t deny him that he has a clue about football.’

The german record international player’s word has “weight” and is therefore “a huge compliment”. Whether Gosens gets the chance with German coach Joachim Lew in the coming months, however, is not clear. “If that was ausl’st, I don’t know. But maybe it increases my awareness in Germany. Either way, it’s a simple eerie positive.’ So far, he has “not heard anything” from the DFB.