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Bundesliga “News” Slip zero number! BVB lacks goal threat without Haaland – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Even without Erling Haaland, Borussia Dortmund hardly broadcast a goal threat in the first test. BVB did not get out of a 0-0 draw against the Belgian table-fifths Standard L-ttich in Marbella on Tuesday.

Mario Gotze played in a less exciting first half but from the start. Axel Witsel also starts wearing a face mask after his fatal stair fall. BVB dominated the game, but had great problems in creating clear chances for themselves.

Nine changes to the break weren’t a good time either. The game remained at an even weaker level until the whistle.

In the past few days, two personalities had particularly concerned the Dortmunders. The winter access Haaland has to step down in training and so only on the substitutes’ bench.

Gotze will leave the club in the summer. According to the “Bild” the contract of the 2014 world champion, which expires at the end of the season, will not be delayed.

The BVB test match in the live blog:


A strong bvb team shows a more bender ingenuappearance at the training camp in Marbella and does not get out of a 0-0 against Standard L-ttich. In the first round, the Bundesliga side had the better chances, but they missed the lead twice through Fuhrich (21st) and Guerreiro (31st). After the break, the game of Borussia was paralyzed. Not a single shot found its way on the Belgian’s goal. Letttich himself was focused on the defensive for most of the time and only set needles. Lucien Favre and his boys still have a lot of work to do before the start of the rack lap.

90th minute ”

Dahoud sends a sign of life from Borussia. After Morey snares two opponents, he forwards the ball briefly to Dahoud. From about 22 yards he dribbles the ball from the half-left side flat on the posts short. In the end, however, the leather passes by a little over a metre. The referee then whistles.

86th minute ”

Lonttich weathered the chance to win yesterday and turns up a little bit in the final phase. Mpoku plays a great diagonal ball to the right side. Eber some detours the ball finally comes to him back. From 18 yards, he pushes the ball half-high to the right corner. A grateful ball for Hitz, who dives and tightens the leather.

82nd minute ”

With the final consequence, BVB is definitely not playing for victory here. After a short intermediate high, the error-infusedness is now simply too high to n dangerous scenes. Even Sancho and Dahoud allowed themselves some easy ball losses in the last few minutes.

78th minute ”

Standard frees himself for the first time in a long time and launches an attack. Since BVB does not defend with the last consequence, the Belgians even get several chances to earn a chance in the last third. Morey can clammy the vorstoe in the second attempt but with some M’he.

75th minute ”

The ideas are right, the impact continues to be airborne. Raschl captures the ball in midfield and will play a fast double pass with Pherai. The play on-back on Raschl, however, is a trace too sharp. The counter-chance is gone.

71st minute ”

Borussia is getting bolder at this stage. The games are now much more vertical. After a quick attack ‘over the left side Tigges pins the ball with the racking to the goal. Pherai will multiply, but will be unscathed. But there is no free-for-all.

69th minute ”

As a result of the Eckstoes, BVB has to rebuild. Once again, the one who finally lands at Féhrich, who can only score 23 metres in front of the goal, can only be fouled. Jadon Sancho puts the felling free-kick over the crossbar quite unplaced one metre.

67th minute ”

Nechster Vorstoe fer the Dortmunder! Morey and Sancho play each other freely on the right. But neither goes into risk and pro, pace. Finally, the Englunder shoots at his opponent and pulls out a corner.

64th minute ”

Morey pulls apart the defense with a horizontal run along the chain, creating space in the middle. Pherai encrogates and is served with a flat play. However, the ball acceptance completely fails the Niederl-nder, so that the leather jumps away uncontrollably. There was a lot more in it.

60th minute ”

Even after 15 minutes in the second round, things have hardly improved. Letttich is still deep, Borussia lack clear ideas in the game forward. In the last few minutes, smaller foul games are now h-uf, so that it is difficult to flow the game.

58th minute ”

Chris Fuhrich is strongly cleared by his colleagues in the centre and can turn up. But he doesn’t have a zoning idea with the leather. Finally, he puts the ball back to Dahoud, who pulls out the crowbar from 25 yards. His shot eventually goes three metres over the box.

56th minute ”

Again, after winning the ball, the Belgians have ‘overnumbered in the counter-movement. But the situation does not play well. In the end, Avenatti is unopposed on the left. At BVB, after the break in the game forward does not run together at all.

54th minute ”

In the R-ckw-rts movement it is not right again at Borussia. After a loss of ball by Raschl at the center circle, Dahoud is not well either and the counter is unimmune to the defensive line. In the end, Boljevio clearly sets the ball up the goal of Marwin Hitz.

50th minute ”

With the many changes, the actors here measure themselves again. Most of the games are at first concerned with safety. Only Jadon Sancho starts immediately and searches practically ‘everywhere his one-on-one situations. So far, however, without the space gain.

46th minute ”

The first completion of the second H-lfte goes to the Belgians. The changed dragus gets a lot of space in the room of ten and can go on the chain. From 18 yards, he circles the ball to the right angle. Hitz intervenes and can fend off the ball with a hand defence.

46th minute, whistle second offside

It continues at the Estadio Municipal de Marbella. How does BVB change through. Here’s how BVB plays in the second Half:

Hitz – Schulz, Akanji, Balerdi, Morey – Raschl, Dahoud, Pherai, Fuhrich, Sancho – Tigges

Half-time conclusion

In a rather z’hen game it is between Borussia Dortmund and Standard L’ttich at the break 0-0. BVB dominates the action on the ball, but rarely has real scoring chances. The Belgians, however, are very compact in front of them and rarely start at the fore. After the break there were a lot of new faces on both sides against, whereby more momentum comes into the encounter.

45th minute ”

Borussia yesterday on a big final offensive before the break. Reyna, Brandt and Guerreiro are once again a respectable combination. 20 meters in front of the gate, however, this Vorsto-Finished is also finished. Shortly on whistles, the forward whistles at half-time.

41st minute ”

Brandt plays a well-tuned ball to Guerreiro from the 10 position. The Flegel player has already orientated himself in the middle for the time fr-h time and immediately concludes with the second contact. However, his shot from the penalty area misses the goal by several metres.

39th minute ”

Lestienne smashes Reyna around at the left corner of the penalty area. Rightly there is Freistoe for BVB. There’s also a yellow card. But Guerreiro’s input is too unprid. Hummels can only extend them towards the right sideline.

37th minute ”

After a Guerreiro corner, Zagadou catches opponent Miangue with the fuo on his head. Clear foul by Dortmund’s interior defenders. The game is briefly interrupted. However, the actor of Lunttich was not injured in the action.

35th minute ”

Guerreiro has been free on the left side several times. The pass from the centre, however, once again misses the Portuguese by several metres. This is not the way to create a goal threat.

33rd minute ”

Hummels is put under pressure in the build-up to the game by two opponents. With a little glunck, he can free himself from the situation. Then Piszczek plays the ball but an opponent in the legs. But Amallah is sidelined when playing in depth.

31st minute ”

Good Freisto chance for BVB! After a hand-play by Lavalée, there is a free-for-all in a central position, for the Dortmund players. Guerreiro puts the leather with left from 20 meters just past the right toreck. Bodart wre probably on the spot anyway.

29th minute ”

The Belgians have sent their opponents to the development. Especially in the midfield, the players of standard are very aggressive in the two-pack. Several times, however, the duels are now whistled off. Miangue even sees his b’ses boarding against Reyna the yellow card.

28th minute ”

The BVB is again only able to be used from a distance. Witsel refuels in the centre against several opponents and thus gets some air. But its flat finish from 18 meters is no problem for Bodart.

24th minute ”

Now also Letttich with the first chance. Cop is only punched by Zagadou in the penalty area. In front of the left he plays the ball all over on the right, where Lestienne is also left alone by Morey. The exhibition player puts in the center to the back. From sleep, Cimirot barely misses the goal.

21. Minute ”

Next conclusion of Borussia! Gotze draws attention to himself in the penalty area and then briefly lays down for Fuhrich. The youngster closes with right half-high on the right corner of the goal. Bodart flies and the ball to the corner without any problems.

It’s 20th minute ”

First anmyherung of the Dortmunders! Reyna plays Brandt free with a fine steep pass half-right in the penalty area. The midfielder goes through to the baseline. His conclusion, however, is a mix of flank and shot at goal.

18th minute ”

The two teams yesterday guilty old. The 22 players can be seen training intensively over the last few days. So far, there is a lack of dynamism and risk-taking. After 18 minutes, for example, there is still no slip-up on two sides.

15th minute ”

Letttich tries a quick counter-sto. Fai ers the long steep pass on the right Flégel just before the Dortmunder’s penalty area. His flat entry is blocked by Zagadou without any problems. That was uncondosed.

14th minute ”

Typical attack of Borussia in this initial phase: Brandt gets a lot of space in the center and plays strongly on the left side on Guerreiro. He forwards the leather in the middle to Gotze, but the next pass goes backwards. Ultimately, the interior defenders are being rebuilt.

13th minute ”

Axel Witsel gets his ex-clubs from the players yesterday. Amallah dellt the Dortmund six in midfield. Clear foul play.

10th minute ”

Dortmund are now in control and are trying to get their opponents through. Borussia patiently plays the leather with the last third and you. So far, however, the zoning idea is missing. A lot of b’lle are played too unpridse in the racks of colleagues.

7th minute ”

At BVB, Mario Gotze again acts as a busy false nine. On several occasions, he has dodged the page to support his colleagues. Giovanni Reyna, Chris Fuhrich and Raphael Guerreiro form the dortmund offensive line behind the leaders. Julian Brandt and Axel Witsel are a little deeper in the centre.

4th minute ”

Left defender Miangue picks up speed on the floodplain and ‘berl’uft several BVB players. In the end, the Dortmund players block the ball with united kr-ften into the goal. The following corner, however, is indisthecable. Nevertheless, self-destilling in the H-lfte of Borussia.

2nd minute ”

The Dortmund players take the booklet of action into their own hands and control the ball. But high on and forcing the first ball loss in the Dortmund H-lfte. But Cop is on the sidelines when it comes to passing into the deep. The otherwise free through.

1st minute, whistle

The ball rolls. The stadium in Marbella is only méig. The atmosphere is amazingly quiet fer a football game.

Players enter the turf

In these minutes, the players in the team go on the turf. It’s off right away. Kapiton der Dortmundis is now ‘brigens Lukasz Piszczek.

Witsel in focus

Today, a Dortmunder has a particularly large number of eyes. Axel Witsel was born in Letttich and was a standard of youth. It wasn’t until he was 22 that he decided to turn his hometown club around. On his ex-club’s Twitter channel, he’s greeted by K’sschen before the game.

Installation of Standard L’ttich

And the opponent from Belgium has also announced the line-up. Standard Letttich starts with this Eleven:

Mix of old and young at BVB

Lucien Favre’s line-up for the Test match includes a mix of regularplayers, substitutes and young talent. With this line-up, Borussia goes into play.

Subs: Berki – Morey, Zagadou, Hummels, Piszczek – Guerreiro, Brandt, Witsel, Reyna, Fuhrich – Gotze

Arrival at the stadium

The BVB stars have now arrived at the Estadio Municipal de Marbella. Immediately the players go to the turf and compete with the opponents from Belgium. The Up-rm program is already leuvating.

First insights into Favre’s plan

The test against the Belgian first division team was the first glimpse into the plun of BVB coach Lucien Favre. Do you continue to rely on the Swiss on his 3-4-3 system, which was playfully overplayed in the final round? Or did the football teacher ‘think about a new tactical approach over Christmas?’ It will also be interesting to see how Favre deals with the supposedly changeable players. According to media reports, Paco Alc-cer is still hoping for a transfer in the winter. Mario Gotze is also looking for a new club in the summer.

Haaland mission

The fact that the wintry top transfer Erling Haaland against Letttich gives his Debét in the black-and-yellow jersey, meanwhile, is gilded as excluded. The Norwegian has still not trained with the team. He continues to work on a ders- and can currently only complete strength training.

Kick-off for BVB

After the game-free weeks of Christmas and New Year, the first game of the new year for Borussia Dortmund is finally on the agenda on Tuesday. With Standard Letttich, the Westphalians await in Marbella the funfte of the Belgian league. On dm Paper, BVB is the clear favourite. More important than the result of Lucien Favre, however, is the intrusion of individual players and the question of the right tactics fer the upcoming duty weighing games.