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Bundesliga »News» Special reunion for Völler and Klinsmann – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Know each other forever: Rudi Völler and Jürgen Klinsmann, here at the World Cup qualifier in December 2003

As they stormed to the World Cup, one inherited the other as national team coaches. On Wednesday, Rudi Völler and Jürgen Klinsmann are only opponents for the third time after his playing career.

He is looking forward to seeing him again, "said Hertha BSC coach Klinsmann with transgaming.orgs manager Völler before the match in Leverkusen:" I haven't seen him in a while. "Völler also said:" I am very happy for Jürgen that he is back. "

Völler has absolute respect for the task against the reformer Klinsmann. "He's just been a Bundesliga coach so far. I'm sure he's so ambitious to show everyone what he's made of." In a direct comparison between trainer Klinsmann and official Völler it is 1: 1.

In the 2008/09 season, Klinsmann won with FC Bayern 2-0 in the Bundesliga in Leverkusen, but was eliminated by 2: 4 in the DFB Cup. It was the beginning of the end of his short and unfortunate coaching period in Munich.

Former point duo of the German national team

Völler would not have followed this with malicious pleasure. Because the relationship between the two is very good. Völler was pleasantly surprised when he heard about Klinsmann's return to the Bundesliga at Moscow airport three weeks ago and spontaneously invited him for coffee.

From 1987 to 1992, the two often formed the national team's storm duo. In 1990, Germany became the world champion with 30-year-old Völler and the six-year-old Klinsmann. "We have the best strike pairs in the world," team leader Franz Beckenbauer said at the time.

When Völler mistakenly looked red in the round of 16 after Dutchman Frank Rijkaard's salivation attack, Klinsmann played his life's game with anger in his stomach. After the final in Rome, he carried the tip of his shoulders across the tartan court of the Olympic Stadium.

"Jürgen can change things that would have been more difficult for me"

From 2000 to 2004, Völler was finally the team leader for the national team. After the inaugural round of the European Championships in 2004 he resigned, Klinsmann became his successor as national team coach and led Germany to the 2006 World Cup at home.

"Jürgen can change things that would have been more difficult for me," Völler said. Klinsmann reported that "Rudi has agreed to be available around the clock." And after a few months, Völler praised: "Jürgen is doing very well, no doubt."

He even forgave Klinsmann that Leverkusen withdrew approval for the World Cup and went to Berlin with the team. "The decision for Berlin is all right," Völler said: "The decision for Leverkusen was made three years ago. A lot has changed during this time."

So it was mostly harmonious between the two. And it is certainly no coincidence that FC Bayern wanted to call on Völler from Leverkusen in the winter of 2009 – of all times in Klinsmann's period. That didn't happen, so the two hadn't worked together in 27 years. At least they meet again on Wednesday.