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by: Adam Smith


Austria-Sturker Christoph Monschein still believes in the top play-off and hopes to participate in the European Championship

Austria Wien’s goalkeeper Christoph Monschein, in an interview with world football, explains why he is playing the “best season” of his career despite go problems and talks ‘about the giant dream’ of possibly getting into the FB’s European Championship squad Create.

Because of an uncannary hat-trick before the start of the preparation, Christoph Monschein will only be able to enter the team training of Wiener Austria this winter with a slight sprout. An ice sheet on frozen ground became a verh-ngnis to the 27-year-old St-rmer during the days off, Monschein popped on the bottom of the trousers, the persistent pain left a full strain on the first unit on the football court.

“Maybe a good omen, last time it didn’t go so badly,” laughs the number 14 of the “Veilchen” at the opening of our interview in the media center of the Generali-Arena. In the winter of a year ago, he had a large part of the preparation because of an internal ligament tear in his knee, which he contracted during the transgaming.orgs-motor tests before the actual start of training, and last summer he had a hamstring injury while on holiday, during which he bending tendon in the hand.

The complete bet and goal statistics of Christoph Monschein

The pre-existing start to the preparation should not have a negative impact on his performances. In the calendar year 2019 Monschein was top goal scorer with 18 goals in the ‘Sterreichische Bundesliga, in the current season he is the personified goal guarantee in violet with 13 goals in 18 league games.

In an interview with world football the goal-getter he spoke the holiday “that each of us also needed”, the “many factors” that led to the troubled autumn of Austria, his own high form in the midst of the man-made crisis and the optimism to become even more the master group Qualify.

World football: How important was the holiday to get away from the football for a while after the difficult autumn and to get your head free again?

Christoph Monschein: The holiday was very relaxing and I think each of us needed it. I was in Mexico with my girlfriend for ten days, can switch off and recharge my batteries. That has brought me a lot. But after that I was looking forward to the training start and the fr’h year start.

Can he really switch off completely on holiday and get the football out of his head for a while?

Absolutely! I spend time with family and friends and if you fly on holiday and get away from everyday life, you can switch off anyway. I played tennis with my girlfriend, that also made a lot of fun, another to And after that you are all the more happy on the football ball.

With the interval of the winter break, how do you judge the autumn season of Austria?

In general, we have fallen short of the expectations and objectives we have set ourselves. Everyone is aware that we measure a lot more in. But I now see it with the other players that everyone is extremely motivated and everyone wants to achieve these goals.

What grénde did you make in your analyses for the bad autumn?

This is a difficult question that I have often received in recent months. In principle, there are simply many factors that play together. Be it the tactical implementation, which works great in training hut, but then not in the match. Be it partly the lack of concentration, because in the game there is simply the pressure to perform. There are many factors, but one concrete reason where I say that if we change that, then l’uft’s, we do not have anything like that. If this is the case, we will immediately put it right away.

Of the have the tactical implementation. Did you struggle at the beginning, the ideas of trainer Christian Ilzer?

Each coach has his own philosophy, his own tactics, his own views of football. It has been so far with every coach that conversion the one time needed hat. Of course, you always have to look at how things get to the players or what opportunities you have with the squad. It can happen that it doesn’t take effect immediately. But I don’t think that was the main reason we didn’t start the way we wanted.

From mid-November until the winter break you remained unbeaten. Had things changed since then?

I believe that the system has already played a role in this. At this point we started to play with real flégels. Every player has known this system for a long time and everyone was clear he had to do it. Then there are details with every coach, he was in which system he wants to have, but in principle everyone was aware of how the game is so abl-uft. And then we had a good mix in the team. The boys were poisonous and didn’t feel as much pressure as the ones who are already in the first and have experienced everything, had happened in the last few years.

While austria did not run as desired in the autumn, you were in high form. 13 goals (more three in the Cup) have scored so far this season, in the calendar year 2019 you were top scorers of the ‘Austrian Bundesliga with 18 goals. Is the best half-year of your career behind you?

I miss myself better than before and it is also my absolute goal that I improve every year, continue to develop, get more and more out of myself and score more goals every season because that’s the best way to help the team as a st-rmer. That is also the sense that the man develops further. If you stagnate ‘about l’ngere time, you can already end your career. I am glad that has succeeded. It’s a confirmation of my performance and the work I’ve been doing for years. I think it’s my best season so far. Statistics prove this.

Do you have an explanation as to why it went so well, while the team is in crisis?

The most important thing is, I believe, that I keep improving and learning from the head and the mentality, collect experience and re-monify that into the positive. I’m learning how to get the best out of myself in training, in the match and all over the season.

How do you deal with the pressure?

I’m like, I don’t break my head too much. If I can ultimately influence, is my own performance, I was able to show on the weekend in these 90 minutes. I’m trying to put my full focus on that, to get everything out there, to give it a go, to show what I can do and to help the team and the club in the best possible way. I think I’ve done pretty well in this six-month year.

There are still four rounds to play before the points are split, your R-back on the top six is seven points. With what gehl do you go in the last games of the basic round.

It is definitely gold-plated to put the full focus on preparation, to give gas and to be optimistic. That’s everyone with us! I myself am very optimistic and believe in it. We have four games left, if we win them, the chances are very good and we will put everything on that.

In half a year the EURO 2020. Last time you were on the call-up list of the national teams, but if you keep your quota, it will probably be difficult for team leader Franco Foda not to take you with you.

I hope i can continue to show. It has become an absolute goal of mine to see that I can be there and experience running his country. It’s a huge dream and a goal of mine and I’m doing everything. It’s really very nice to be part of it.

A sturker with your statistics arouses natural desires, interest in you was already expressed in the autumn. What do you like about a possible transfer?

It is no secret that there are requests when a player is successful. But i have my management that cares about it. Most of it stays away from me, so I don’t waste any energy daar. I get everything communicated and offers come, I have to turn off and see if it’s so interesting to me that I’m thinking about it at all. But my full focus is on Austria, on my contract, which I have one year’ and on the goals I have with the club. From that, I don’t worry about it.

Also nothing concrete come yet, where you started to ‘lay down h-t?

At the moment i am at Austria and my full focus is here. I look at my performance and try to blow everything in the Austria. Everything else comes by itself and I don’t think about it until the time comes.

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