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Bundesliga “News” Werder staggers into “threatening situation” – TOP STORIES

by: Adam Smith


Thomas F. Starke, Getty

A beaten man, Florian Kohfeldt risked a rather thick lip.

With the hardly at Bundesliga level 0:1 (0:1) at 1. FC Koln Werder Bremen with 14 points likes made the worst back-row in the club history perfect – on the self-confidence his kessen 37-year-old coach ‘changed this nothing.

“It was a really bad round for a variety of reasons. But I can tell them that we will fight and that we will not descend,” Kohfeldt promised. “We have a clear plan in mind. We’re going to make it.’

Even Kohfeldt’s colleague Markus Gisdol looked up from his data sheet and shrugged slightly. Although the FC has just won its third victory in a week and Werder has thus easily distanced itself in the table with now 17 points, wre never ‘gone over the lips of the 50-year-old.

“We weren’t in Koln, if not the Tr’umen again. All I can say is: stay whole,” gisdol. “Our goal is to stand here at the end of May and say: We have made it and will play one more season of football Bundesliga.”

Backing for Frank Baumann

Both teams met at the fu-ball level, but were hardly more different with the situation in the relegation battle. While the up-and-comers knew from the start, only to play to stay in the class, the Bremen ambitions were different after the narrow European Cup qualifier in the summer.

Four defeats in a row with 13 goals against Werder, however, now let Werder hibernate in the relegation region. “We are in a very threatening situation,” said Supervisory Board boss Marco Bode, unsurprisingly.

However, the market mechanisms in Bremen do not work. With stoic, Hanseatic composure, Bremen tries to master the situation. The replacement of the transgaming.orgy carriage, as the excited FC carried out in November, wre in Bremen unthinkable.

“We will hold together in this constellation. Also in the carriage,” says Bode. The commitment to Kohfeldt was well known. What is new, however, is the demonstrative r’ckencoverage for transgaming.orgs chief Frank Baumann, who recently criticised the war because of the squad composition.

Injury woes weigh on Werder

In fact, one might wonder whether Werder has prepared himself sufficiently fer the time after the abl-se-free departure of ex-national player Max Kruse to Fenerbahce Istanbul. Kohfeldt discreetly recalled the long-term failure of the actual replacement Niclas Fulkrug. The Frehere Hanoverian is still missing due to a cruciate ligament tear.

In addition, there are a number of injured others who contributed to the current misery. “We can’t train until October,” Kohfeldt quipped, but doesn’t want to see this as an excuse. Baumann certainly doesn’t blame: “Sometimes that’s a really short time, the baumi fer was doing a important and good job.”

“Naturklich remains Werder Bremen Werder Bremen”

How good Baumann really is, at least in the public perception, is now decided. Because now new players are supposed to do it. “Frank and his team will think hard about the process,” Bode said.

“Naturklich remains Werder Bremen Werder Bremen. We are not going to do anything unobjectionable. But we will realize everything, the probability was increased to be successful.”

This probability was assessed differently in Kuln. The FC reacted with the separation of transgaming.orgs chief Armin Veh and coach Achim Beierlorzer. The different committees have to be insulted in part mainly by the coach-kor von Gisdol.

Gisdol himself said that after a week’s time he scored more points in three games than the FC had in 14 before games: “I wouldn’t have predicted that either.”