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Cadiz and Elche tie in defensive soccer class – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Cadiz and Elche signed the plates in a tactical match. Both teams gave a defensive soccer class and although both had occasions, the result did not move in the 90 minutes. The villagers started the game wanting to forget Fernando Torres' defeat. In the first minutes, Perea, Garrido and Álex notified with three missed opportunities.

Shield / Flag Cadiz

Opposite was a great rival. Elche based their attacking game on the band incorporations in which Gonzalo Villar and Josan took center stage. Alicante had at 18 'the first clear chance of the game, in a quick transition in which, after Fali's spillover, he missed the shot.

Shield / Flag Elche

From 20 'Elche took control of the party. Gonzalo Villar began to launch the attack and Alicante began to enjoy their best minutes. At 36, Josan again had another clear opportunity. Again on another snail, this time before Espino, but after opening his hole, he fired. Just before the break, Nino warned again, but Fali was alert and the attacker eventually ended something tripped.

But with Cadiz is already known. Gaditans, who need little to harm, woke up from his lethargy with a shot of Perea from outside the area, who after rejecting a defense collided with the bar.

The second part started with a Cadiz more involved in the game. In the early stages, Espino tested Badía with a kick that interrupted the goal after a rebound. Then the danger went through Alex in a change of pace, in which he left behind three players, but his subsequent center found no auctioneers. As the minutes passed, residents became increasingly comfortable on the pitch.. Perea and Lozano again warned with different opportunities. Both out. Elche woke up to another big wasted occasion. Andoni López was alone in front of Cifuentes and his kick came out incomprehensibly outside at the sight of Cadiz's goal.

Residents tightened in the last few minutes and linked various opportunities. Choco tagged him at 82 ', in a header Badia had to stretch to block. Perea tried again on another great occasion, but the result did not move. The draw leaves the locals with 40 points, five above Almeria and visitors with 28, two from Zaragoza who mark the playoff.


Javi Navarro (61 & # 39; Salvi), Andoni López (Josan, 64 & # 39;), Quintana Falls (70 & # 39 ;, Edu Ramos), Claudio Medina (74 & Yacine Qasmi), O. Mfulu (89 & # 39; Claudio Medina)


Referee: Daniel Jesús Trujillo Suárez
VAR Referee: David Pérez Pallas
Manolin (19 amarelo, yellow) Lush (24 amarelo, yellow) Luis Espino (76 Amarelo, Yellow) Claudio Medina (78 Amarelo, Yellow