Euro 2020

Cantona and Deschamps, from the football field to the court – Euro 2020

by: Adam Smith


Eric Cantona and Didier Deschamps come back to clash, but this time not in a football field but in a court. The national team’s manager French has sued the former Manchester United man for defamation. The judge awaits the two former players in the courtroom of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Pars, at the end of February. Deschamps and Cantona never got along particularly well, one reserved and attentive to the rules, the other always in the spotlight and lover of unruliness. But even off the field the situation has not changed, so much so that the two are very close to a new race. This time, however, they will meet in court.

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Cantona and Deschamps, from the football field to the court

The former Juventus man did not like the accusation of racism, not even so veiled, directed at him by King Eric. The Red Devils legend had criticised Deschamps’ squad for the 2016 European Championships, especially for the absence of Benzema and Ben Arfa. The two, according to Cantona, had not been summoned for racial reasons.

“Deschamps has a very French name, indeed, he may be the only one in France to have a name authentically French. None of his family mingled with anyone else. Kind of like Mormons in the United States. What is clear is that Benzema and Ben Arfa are the two best French players and will not play in the European Championship. And it’s equally clear that the two have North African origins. I’m not surprised he used the affair that involved Benzema not to summon him. I feel entitled to have some doubts about this.”

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At the time Karim Benzema had ended up at the centre of a sex scandal, the blackmail with red lights against bleus teammate Valbuena. The federation had thus chosen to exclude him by explaining that transgaming.orgs performance is indeed an important criterion for deciding the call, but not exclusive. According to Cantona, however, Deschamps used the affair as an excuse. Now it will be the arbitrator, indeed, a judge who will settle the case.

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