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Carrión: "It will be important to get ahead on the scoreboard" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Him Luis Carrión, Numancia coach participated in the media in the previous game your team will play on Sunday before The palms. For the coach, his team is anxious and motivated: "We want to have a good game there, we have seen it, the team is fine and we will give all three points," said Carrión, as the opponent is a bold scenario for his game: "Some of the games of those who lost had to open a lot to win because it's a brave team, I think it's important to get ahead on the scoreboard."

The red ones look like forced to make two changes in eleven forced by the sanction, regardless of the decisions made by Soriano's bank boss: “We will make two forced changes to the sanctions and then we will choose well to play a good game there, but I've worked on a lot of things, but depending on who plays and how to move can be more offensive or more defensive. "

Shield / Flag Numancia

Las Palmas game It was analyzed by Carrión, considering that his greatest danger comes from the quick transitions to the opposite field: “It's a team that plays well, but the more damage it goes against him and his bands, one has to try to have the ball, to be brave, To finish the moves and hurt them, we have to have personality there and then we'll see what the game has in store. ”The renewal of Dani Barrio, which will turn red by 2022, is well known, something Carrión positively valued:“ He has won, done a good job and part of the merit belongs to those who train with him, from Fran to three goalkeepers work well, the goal it's well covered and it's a prize for him, but it belongs to everyone. ”

Carrión concluded his speech by talking about the Copa del Rey. The Sorians will have to travel to Ceuta to face the entire Autonomous City: “Let's fight, I never believed in that substitute team for La Copa, I hope we will go through many rounds, it is a format that can allow you to go further and have possibilities from the start. to receive first, is a format to compete ”Carrión's ruling.