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Celades: "As the days go by, we will appreciate the draw" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Correspondence Analysis “It's a shame to come out with this result when we get so close. I think you can say that we are very proud of the work of these players. It's true that at the beginning it cost us a lot, but in the second half we played very well and had options to score a few more goals. "

Draw value. "The feeling we have now is not being happy, probably as the days go by analyzing this draw will be very positive, especially seeing how we play this second half."

Clear week until Valladolid. “We have a week to rest and finish the year as best we can and see if we can recover any players from this duel. Today all the players have made a big effort. ”

Justice of the draw. “I don't know what Zidane said, but I think we did merit to win. It is true that we had a bad time in the first half, but our second half had occasions to sentence the match. "

Soul state. “I am not satisfied because we always want to win. Games happen as they do, and sometimes a draw can be good, but my feeling is that we leave two points. "

Ferran Torres as a striker. “It's not a matter of being the front room. Nephew wasn't about to start today and Vallejo as a substitute did well to jump into the field. We wanted to enjoy the speed of Rodrigo and Ferran. "

Evaluation for the team in Mestalla. “We haven't lost any games here except Ajax, that's a good fact. These are very important environments like today to make this happen, which gives a lot to the players. "

Good start “Being first in a group of champions is very difficult and takes more into account how complicated our group was. At LaLiga, we are within walking distance of everything, three points from champions with increasingly good feelings. "

Regularity “You're very right, we are getting more regular in all games. Each time the team feels more comfortable with the different proposals we propose in the field, you don't want to stop here. "

Champions Draw "We will enjoy what we have achieved and see what is in store for us, it does not worry me much."

Function when signing. “I am here to help the club with what I need, and I will try to give my opinion on things that I think can be improved. We are very happy with the model we have, I repeat. ”

Game against Valladolid. "We have a lot of respect for Valladolid, they are doing very good things, they have a very good coach, all away games are very difficult."

Jaume Domenech Fashion State. “Your performances are being very good, great. He is a very important person to us, always ready to play. It's true that even this Jasper injury was playing Dutch almost always. Jaume played a few games in which he conceded 6 goals. But regardless of these results, we are very happy with him and confident that he can do very well, as he is doing. We greatly value the way she acts. "

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* Data updated on December 15, 2019