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Celades: “It looks like he’s an easy opponent, but he’s not” – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Celades: "It looks like he's an easy opponent, but he's not" - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

The coach of Valencia, Albert Celades, asked to be “very cautious” with the pairing with Atalanta who determined the draw of the champions league’s eighth round and asked that “don’t confuse us at all, it seems we’ve had an easy rival and we’re not“. ” The reality is that at this level there is nothing easy. If they’ve gone through a group, it’s because of something.“, he pointed out in statements to The official media of Valencia, although he admitted that “the coaches all the teams find it difficult”.

The coach stressed that the Bergamo team currently fights in the Italian league “for European positions” and also that it is “a team that is top scorer of Serie A, with great offensive potential”. “It is a very physical team, with great offensive potential, is playing with three midfielders, two very good level forwards like Muriel and Papu Gómez“He summed up. He also stressed that it is a set that this campaign has “gone from least to over” in the Champions League. “It’s a team with a long-time coach, with very clear automations and that’s making a good season“He added.

In any case, Celades recalled that “there is a big lack to the match” and that it will be key to see how each team gets to the crossing. He was also pleased to be able to play the lap in Mestalla. The technician spoke of his personal situation and said he was “very happy” because arrived “in a difficult situation”, after dismissing the club to Marcelino García Toral not due to poor results but by misadventures. “It was all very fast, we tried to carry it all out as normal, do our job, convince the players that they could and try to help. The main protagonists are the playersThe coach called for “a last effort of the year against Real Valladolid.

Goalkeeper Jaume Doménech He also analyzed the draw in the club’s media and reiterated that “the Champions League is one of the best competitions in the world and there is no rival that does not make things difficult for you”. The goalkeeper recalled that “last season we saw in the playoffs that Mestalla is a determining factor and we also have the reference that we know how to compete at home at a high level“. Valencia have never measured at Atalanta in an official match, although they faced each other two years ago in the Orange Trophy.

“They are a team that knows how to use their weapons, that takes out a lot of performance, we saw in Mestalla that it’s a complicated team to play with, though he was a friendly. We have our weapons, we have a clear identity and if we do things right we can be in rooms,” he said. “I’m sure in the end they’re worried too, they get a first group, a rival who comes up on the big nights and it’s going to be complicated for themHe concluded.

Arias: “The Atalanta will be more liberated, it may have the advantage”

Atalanta. “The important thing was to be here. Then you have to accept what touches you, and you’re not going to detract from the Atalanta or downplay it. You’ve avoided teams with more names, but this is the eighth in the Champions League.”

How do you cope with the playoff?. “The most important thing is the attitude of the team, I think it is prepared to compete with anyone, without taking down importance to Atalanta or the other 14 participants.”

Cinderella in the draw?. “By name and history almost everyone wanted it, but when it’s there it’s for something. It’s in the same place as us and maybe they have the upper hand because they play free, they have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. They will be two teams with enthusiasm and a very open playoff.”