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Celta: 2019 being the worst year of Carlos Mouriño stage – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


HEY Celticismin general and Carlos Mouriño, in particular they are wishing eat the last grape of 2019 make way for 2020. In Vigo, they need turn the page so that the new year brings illusion and, above all, better results. And is that this calendar year that is about to end it's the worst of the Mouriño era, It began in June 2006. Since joining the throne, the greatest celestial leader has never scored so few points in a calendar year.

The celtic has added 33 points in what goes from 2019 and the worst record of the Mouriño era is 2013, when the team only scored 38 points. As it happened this year, on that occasion they also passed three tenants on the blue bench. Of the 38 points added during the calendar year, Paco Herrera I have two Abel Resino got twenty Luis Henrique, sixteen. In this 2019 that is about to expire, Cardoso scored four points, Write I'm twenty-five and Oscar accumulate four, for a total of 33 points.

Vigo's team, however, has the possibility of avoiding the worst record of the Mouriño era. For this they must win both games that you subtract before him Majorca in Balaidos and in front of Lift at Ciutat de Valencia. Without complete triumphs in this final stretch of 2019, they will be the worst team in a calendar year with the current president.

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This Celtic it's the worst of a calendar year of the modern era of football, that is from the triumphs in The league worth three points, something that was established in the 1995-96 season. And to find a score below the 33 points that Celta accumulates in 2019, you must dating back to 1990, when the scoring system was two points per win and the Olympic team totaled 27 points during those twelve months.

That Celtic who consumed the descent to the Second in the first half of 1990 and running through the lower middle zone of the silver category in the second half, adds 33 points in the current scoring system, the same as the Vigués team now adds, in the absence of two games to lower the 2019 curtain.

To find a worse calendar year with the current scoring system, you need to travel seventy years in time, until 1958, when Celta scored 22 points with the two-win system, which would be 31 in the three-point league.