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Chameleon José María Gutiérrez – – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


& # 39; & # 39; I want to change my playing style, ie have the ball more and have it highlighted and not afraid of losing it; Without the ball, be aggressive and press close to the opposite goal. I want my football players to have fun, ”said Guti in his presentation as coach of Almeria. "The coach has to adapt to the players we have. We want to play well, but we know that the most important thing is to win"He added. Madrid wanted it not to be associated with a single style of play, although words are one thing and facts another. They resemble the nuances of a Jose María Gutiérrez who used four drawings in his five coaching meetings. soil in the LFP. This Saturday, his chameleon skills gave Almeria three points that saw them away at 20 minutes.

Yes as a player he knew how to act as a striker, midfielder or even as a midfielderIn the technical area, it is also quick to adapt to different scenarios. In 19 & # 39; the worst omens of the previous meeting were fulfilled. César de la Hoz was being sent off and Almeria's coach had no central at the bench, leaving Owona and Ozornwafor off the list by technical decision (Cameroon is also blacklisted by Al-Sheikh, as he did) knows AS). Aguza and Jonathan jumped to warm up, the latter being picked ten minutes later, rather than a corps that boxing with the seat.

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José María Gutiérrez put his team on 1-5-3-1, his fourth course outline not counting the final 1-4-4-1, with Martos and Petrovic accompanying Maras in the rear center and Balliu and Jonathan as clues. It was also surprising to see Juan Muñoz do the inside work, closing Lazo to leave Vada as positional sock and Darwin as the only striker. The modification took effect, starting Almeria to dominate the meeting (not done with eleven against eleven) and generate occasions. The break did not interrupt the inertia, but pushed him, tying Juan Muñoz at 40 seconds and turning Darwin (points giant paths) at three minutes.

The meeting invited to store clothes, although the one at Torrejón de Ardoz felt that it was better to increase the distance. The scoring occasions did not materialize and, at the time of the game, Aguza entered to continue with the same draw, but giving more control and break to the rojiblancos. When Lazo scored 3-1 and returned to playing in numerical equality, JMG rearranged the team by entering Romera and returning to two lines of four, with Balliu on the right side. It was not the first time that Madrid protected both sides, in Tenerife he did it in both bands.

<figure id = "sumario_2 | foto" onclick = "javascript: broadFoto (this, & # 39; /futbol/imagenes/2019/12/08/second/1575826519_341525_1575826629_sumario_grande.jpg&#39 ;, & # 39; 976 & # 39; , 65 651 ’, & In the five meetings with Guti, the UDA never had more ball possession than its rival: 43% on average 8%, three straight wins and five days without losing .

In their five encounters with Guti, UDA have never had more possession than their rivals: 43.8% on average, three straight wins and five days without losing.

In concrete, Guti used four game layouts in his five meetings ahead of Almeria. It started with 1-4-3-3 and 1-4-2-3-1, varying against Numancia by 1-4-4-2 to place two points, although the most significant change was the possession of Fernando, substitute eternal in the two seasons he was with René, the captain, in the Almeria entity. In addition, César de la Hoz, mediocentro, served as the centerpiece in the match against Soriano's team on Saturday. With both modifications, former Real Madrid sought a cleaner start in the starting zone.

Of course catching the ball without kicking it does not mean long Almeria possessions, but the intention is a quick transition from the defensive attack to a very vertical team. One fact: in the five meetings with Guti, UDA never had more ownership than its rival: 43.8% on average, three straight wins and five days without losing. "The coach arrived at the venue, "Balliu said after Saturday's meeting." All credit is to the players, "answered Guti.