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Champions League fixture 2021/2022 within easy reach of Austria – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Austria has come even closer to eleventh place in UEFA's five-year ranking. Because of LASK's victory and the draw of the WAC at the end of the Europa League group game on Thursday, the twelfth ranked domestic league is only 0.675 points less than the eleventh Turkey. Even the tenth Ukraine is only 1,375 points away.

Should Red Bull Salzburg and LASK take two wins more than the last remaining Turkish representative Istanbul Basaksehir in the knockout phase of the Europa League, Austria would advance to the eleventh. In this case, the Austrian champions would be in the Champions League group play in the fall of 2021, provided the winner of the previous edition of the "premier class" qualified for the Champions League through the national championship. This has almost always been the case in recent years.

LASK and Red Bull Salzburg as draft horses in the Europa League

If Austria closes the current European Cup season in tenth place, the champion of the next but one Champions League season would definitely have his place in the group stage. To do that, Salzburg and LASK had to make three wins and one more draw in the Europa League than the last Ukrainian representative in the European Cup Shakhtar Donetsk.

Austria hardly poses any danger from behind. The 13th Denmark is 4,625 behind and only FC Copenhagen is competing. The capital club – including bonus points for a wide attempt into the Europa League – should probably reach the semi-finals, so Austria is overtaken by Denmark.

The last European Cup season ended the Austrian league in twelfth place in the five-year ranking. Therefore, the upcoming champion of the summer in the Champions League qualifier.

Austria in UEFA's five-year ranking (as of 12.12.2019)

place dressing 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 overall
1 Spain 23928 20142 19714 19571 10785 97712
2 England 14250 14928 20071 22642 11571 86462
3 Germany 11500 14250 17333 12642 10000 68489
4 Italy 16428 14571 9857 15214 8357 66510
5 France 11083 14416 11500 10583 6833 56082
11 turkey 6600 9700 6800 5500 4200 32800
12 Austria 3800 7375 9750 6200 5000 32125
13 Denmark 5500 8500 5250 4875 3375 27500