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Champions League ? Madrid’s eighths: four ogres and one Cinderella – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Champions League ? Madrid's eighths: four ogres and one Cinderella - SPANISH FOOTBALL 1

Although teams can change between December and February as a person when leaving home and returning after partying, the draw of eighths on Monday 16 has on alert To Madrid for the month of lovers. You can drop four giants, Liverpool, City, Juventus or Bayern, or Leipzig.

Maximum historic equality with Liverpool

Liverpool, the Premier League, have sweated to qualify as first, although he has done so with 13 points out of 18 and averaging 2.1 goals for and 0.83 against. The Trident Salah-Firmino-Mané, key to lifting the last Champions, accumulates six targets, four of the Egyptian and two of the Senegalese; the Brazilian, at zero, has given four assists.

The Madrid-Liverpools have settled three wins for each side. The English won first, with three wins that earned them the 1981 European Cup and the mid-game of the 2008–09 Champions League, in that playoff in which Boluda misled a “squirt” to the 2008–09 Champions League Network. The Madridists responded with two wins in the group stage of 2014-15 and one more in the Final of Kiev, in 2018.

Undefeated in front of the City

Before the Christmas holidays, Guardiola City is left with the Champions League as a lifeline for the season. Third and 14 points from Liverpool in the Premier League, your success in Europe depends on your grade this course. That’s where it’s been better handled, with 14 points out of 18-and-a-half of 2.66 goals in favour and only 0.66 against per day. The duo Sterling-Gabriel Jesus adds 9 goals (5+4).

The history between the two animates Madrid. He prevailed in the Bernabéu in the group stage (3-2) of 2012-13 and in the return of semi-finals (1-0) of 2015-16, in the anteroom of the Eleventh, and tied in Manchester in both editions (1-1 and 0-0).

La Juve and the memory of the two finals won

Juventus are also getting complicated at home, second in a Serie A that paints him more complicated than in recent years. In the Champions League he scored 14 points, with two scores and 0.66 on average. Dybala (three goals) is playing Cristiano, who has only held two so many in his favorite competition. Chelsea, taking advantage, used Azpilicueta’s goal on Tuesday to mock the situation (the Spaniard then won 2-1 in Portuguese goals), but that drought can make the beast even more dangerous.

The historical balance is 4-5 playoffs for Juve, but, and that’s what weighs the most, Madrid took the two finals they have played, the last of which was the exhibition in Cardiff in 2017.

Bayern, the European Classic

Bayern appear as another dwindling monster in their country, seventh and seven points from the leader in the Bundesliga. His poor career cost Kovac and Flick, interim, still tries to settle on the muniqués bench. The face changes to the team, curiously, in the Champions League, where it has been the only one to move to eighths with full points. And it has, moreover, done so being the top scorer (24, at 4 per day) and receiving only 5 scores. The roller has its own name: Robert Lewandowski, pichichi of the competition with 10 targets. Madrid, however, dominatethe European Classic, with 7 out of 12 playoffs on their side. For the whites they were the last three, on the way to the Tenth, the Twelfth and the Thirteenth.

The desired Leipzig

Topics of footballers and coaches on the sidelines, Leipzig is Real Madrid’s most affordable rival for eighth s/he by name and potential. Despite this, and as it accesses the crosses through the loosest group, his second place in the Bundesliga invites distrust. There is no precedent between the two: the first face depends on next Monday’s hype.