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Champions League – Olympics: Marcelo, at the origin of the crisis – Champions League 2019-2020 – Football – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


CHAMPIONS LEAGUE – The Olympics qualification in Round 16 of the C1 was overshadowed by clashes between players and fans at the end of the game against Leipzig on Tuesday. In question, an anti-Marcelo banner. The Brazilian defender has crystallized tensions for several weeks.

Video – Aulas: "The person who took calico gets punished"


Why Marcelo and not another? According to Raphael, supporter of the Olympics, everything is a matter of attitude: "His performance on the field did not help, and the swing & # 39; works & # 39; with the idea that if we do not respect him, the turn will not be disrespectful. (…) It's really his attitude to the fans that triggered everything."Found shared by Yaman, he also Lyon supporter:"Without the incident at the airport and stadium yesterday, the relationship could have continued at a & # 39; normal & # 39; way, as with the other players who haven't performed the Olympics specifically. "

" Grumpy fans are rising"

But this crisis seems deeper than a simple conflict between a player and his supporters. "For about two years, the noise of fans goes up, says Raphael. It started with Genesio in the office, it was pretty damaging in the stands. It calmed when Aulas announced that he would not be reappointed. But already at that time, the fans began to no longer feel listened to by the management. "


What solution then to end the conflict? One of the most immediate, according to Yaman, would be to let Marcelo go: "He is still very popular in Beşiktaş, and does not even hesitate to show them his support, in the same way that his wife does not miss an opportunity to declare his love in Istanbul. This could be a good way out if the Istanbul club is interested. "

But Yaman also points out that talks must be initiated between the management and the supporters for "to blow up the major abscesses that have formed in recent years"The workforce must also be"redesigned""To remove some problematic items (of their mistakes or not) and add some reassuring items: Receiving Cherki for his first at Groupama Stadium can be a small index of a type of valued player"So much work for the Olympics, which absolutely must find a peaceful situation for the knockout stages of the Champions League next February.