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Champions League: The votes of Bayern – Tottenham Hotspur and Bayer Leverkusen – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


FC Bayern complete the Champions League group play flawlessly. After the 3-1 win against Tottenham, the players of the record champion worried, but mainly, for the injured Kingsley Coman. Thiago praises coach Hansi Flick. At Bayer Leverkusen, despite 0-2 home victory against Juventus and resigned.

SPOX sums up the voices of DAZN. Cloud and from the mixed zone to the German CL games together.

Hansi Flick (Bayern coach): "I have to give my team a big compliment, especially after the two games we played well, but the boom, and not everything was good today, but we still scored goals and won the game."

… about Philippe Coutinho: "For him, it is important to have such a sense of accomplishment, and you realize that things in the first half went well and the second half was even better, it was important for him to score today."

… about Alphonso Davies: "What he's playing at the moment is just good. You can see what he can do with his speed and his physique on defense, so he's doing us really well right now."

Jose Mourinho: "It was a fun game"

Jose Mourinho (Tottenham Hotspur manager): "It was a weird game because it was all about nothing, maybe for Bayern because they lost twice in the last race, and today I had to spare some players like Harry Kane or Dele Alli because the Premier League is crazy and an incredible burden I is not unhappy with our performance, in the end it could have been 2: 3 from our point of view and I came to some important conclusions. "

… about his move to Spurs: "I am very happy to work in this fantastic club and would love to come to Munich again – in the quarterfinals or something."

Manuel Neuer (Bavaria captain): "The finale is a dream of ours. We know how the last season went. Unfortunately we lost to Liverpool. We see who we get and then we think from round to round. "

… about the preliminary round: "We showed the face in the group play in CL, we played very well at European level, and it was important for us to be taken very seriously in Europe again."

… about coach Hansi Flick: "We played well in all the matches during his term, and the trend is very positive – the team is good and the philosophy suits us, so we are all positive to the coach situation."

Thomas Müller (Bavaria): "We felt a touch of bad luck in the game, but we pulled it off, so it was important for us to win and start the final phase where we want to win all the matches."

… about the damage to Kingsley Coman: "I didn't expect to come in the first place because we can just keep our fingers crossed that it's not bad, but it didn't look so good."

Thiago (Bavaria): "Hansi is great, Hansi is a great guy, very nice – and also an incredible coach – all the players are happy with him."

Peter Bosz: "We played really well"

Peter Bosz (Bayer Leverkusen coach): "Everyone who saw the whole match saw us play very well, especially in the first place, where we played dominant, where we played very well in the ball and where we had two good chances to score. But against such a top team you have to score goals , unfortunately we didn't, and then you see what a tremendous quality they have up front, they don't need as many chances to score. "

Rudi Völler (Managing Director of Sports Bayer Leverkusen): "We played a good match especially in the first place, and played absolutely at the same level, and in the second half Juve took the game very seriously, and so is Juventus, it's just good. Maybe one or the other did not have the absolute top level , so of course you have to beat it. "

Kai Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen): "We played a good match over long stretches of the game, but of course you end up playing against a top team of top players and you can build on that kind of performance pretty well."

Lukas Hradecky (goalkeeper Bayer Leverkusen): "Finally, you have seen the quality of the opponent, you have two chances and you put them in. They play for Juve, we are high up, but not where they are."