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Champions: Ramos: “This is where you see the cough, the children you have to put them aside” 2019 Champions League – SPANISH FOOTBALL

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The defense speaks of Bale: “We are all old enough to know what we should do. Zidane, for his part, praises Guardiola: “He’s the best.”

Sergio Ramos, press conference.
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    Hazard, the guy who never got injured: “He doesn’t go out partying, he doesn’t drink and take shape with the matches”

The capitn of the Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos, has acknowledged that his team is entering “the decisive week” of the season with matches against Manchester City and Barcelona, the moment of “set aside the children” and that is “watch the cough” because “the margin of error is mnimo” and any mistake “can cost you a title”.

“When there’s a bad result I like to go out and face it, I feel more comfortable than when things are going well. Now comes the most delicate moment because the margin of error is mnimo, any mistake before the City or Sunday can cost you a title. The decisive week arrives and this is where you see the cough, the children must be set aside. We depend on ourselves and it’s time to talk more on the field and less off,” areng Ramos at the pre-Champions knockout press conference.

On the specific case of Gareth Bale and his performance this season, Ramos explains that “as a capitn” is not his self in “judging what other players do in his personal life.” “Here everyone we’re big-time and sper professionals to know what we need to do and the team we represent. That’s what the ‘mster’ is for, to make decisions. As a captain I would like us all to be motivated and eager to contribute to the group,” he said.

As for the confrontation with The City, clarify that “not at all” motivates him more to take a better view of Pep Guardiola. “I have a lot of respect for Guardiola, is a great coach with many experiences and the nmeros speak for themselves. We are motivated by the Champions League regardless of the opponent’s players or coach or past. Coincidentally, it happens that it is Guardiola and is not a ‘plus’ of motivation, when the Champions League anthem already sounds enough the motivation in this costume”, he emphasizes.

In addition, the Andalusian deny that he feels haunted by the rbitros in the Liga espaola. “The philosophofa at the arbitral level in Europe is different from the spanish, neither better nor worse, they are only a little more permissive. I have taken great care in the ltimos aooes my relacin with the rbitros and except the last party chapter, which is a personal thing, I think I have good relacin to the rest of the rbitros“Opin.

Zidane: “Pep has always shown he is the best”

Zinedine Zidane, tcnic Real Madrid, repeating praise Pep Guardiola, eternal rival of Madridism, who claims “always has proven” that he is the best coach in the world, and thanked him for the two das that he shared when he trained to lead after abandoning the football. “He has always shown that he is the best, first at Barcelona, then at Bayern and now in Manchester he has proved it. It’s my opinin. There are people who think that it is another the best, there are many coaches but for m it is l”, he says at press conference before the match against City, in the first leg of the eighth round of the Champions League.

Zidane highlights that the match measures Real Madrid with Manchester City and is not a pulse between l and Guardiola. “The reality is that it’s a Madrid versus City alone, there’s no Guardiola-Zidane. You can talk about it but in the end it’s a nice game that people want to see between the two teams. We are happy that these matches we always want to play and ready to make a great match.” affirms.

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