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Champions The Manolas Trauma – – SPANISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Kostas Manolas (14-4-1991, Naxos, Greece), new Naples since this summer, it’s on its own merits in the lBarcelona’s cursed name list in the new era. Passionate like almost all Greeks, his image celebrating 3-0 amid the madness of the Olympic Stadium of Rome rumbles in the heads of the Barcelona fans, but also of a dressing room to which that defeat of Rome left some very serious aftermath of which soon there was news.

Manolas’s goal, the night of Rome he signed the farewell of Iniesta to Europe in tears, first came close to taking Valverde away. Then he poured the whole season out of Barca. There was no press appearance of the coach or of any of the footballers since the crossing of the eighth before Olympique de Lyon in which the protagonists were not asked for that episode. Everyone talked about experience and learning. Anfield proved that they were hollow words, that what had left Manolas’ headbutt to Semedo’s layoff was trauma.

Photo by Manolas

Manolas’s image began to be projected onto the heads of all Barca players when Wijnaldum scored 2-0 and 3-0 in the return of the semi-final of Liverpool. He then was then directly reincarnated in Origi, a footballer with whom he actually crossed this summer at the pre-season Naples-Liverpool in Edinburgh and now in the first phase of the Champions.

Manolas himself may not even be aware of the trauma he generated in the spirit of the hobby, but also of a wardrobe that lost tons of confidence that night. He began to feel somewhat old and very vulnerable as he had not been for almost a decade in Europe. That barca has been facing the Champions League for a few years with the fears of the times when it always crashes is, in some way, the fault of this Greek who changes Rome’s hectic life to the ultimate chaos of Naples. Perfect for this player who loved to discuss football with Monchi in Trigoria while drinking coffee and who will soon greet the footballers who gave a dog night and who still have an outstanding account. More than with him, with Europe.