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Chen: "I feel a huge responsibility on my shoulders" – Transgaming

by: Adam Smith


Espanyol's terrible sporting moment coincides as he is a LaLiga runner-up with nine points in 16 days, with the General Assembly reporting the 2018-19 season. An appointment on Tuesday at the Llobregat Cornellà Auditorium, where parakeet club president and owner Chen Yansheng also spoke in public for the first time in an entire year.

Shield / Flag Espanyol

"We are very happy because the first team managed to enter the Europa League standings. But now we are not in a good situation this season."Chen acknowledged, who added: "We are busy solving the situations we have today at the table and we will spare no effort so we can all be proud of our teams at the end of the season.". And he explained, in a peculiar way, that "according to a Chinese saying, there is no mountain that can stop the riverbed. That is, we are all devoting the utmost effort to achieve sporting success. With the help and success of the parakeets, we are sure that we will soon get out of this situation. ".

"I feel a huge responsibility on my shoulders. 119 years of history are not few and I understand we need to make progress.", admitted the president of Espanyol, who continued: "For this, I ask you all the support to overcome the sports situation. We need the support of all parakeets, partners, fans and followers. We need everyone to help us build the most Espanyol strong and ambitious. "And he concluded, in sports matters: "I always trust this club, because of its history, will get where it should be with everyone's unity, work and effort.".

"Now we sell for convenience"

From an economic point of view, Chen welcomed Espanyol "having stopped selling out of necessity and now we are selling out of convenience." "With a normal income of 80 million and ten other player transactions, we generated positive results for four consecutive years."He also emphasized.

And he concluded: "I would summarize Espanyol's position at the end of last year much improved from the time I took over. In the three and a half years we led the club, revenues went from almost 50 to 90, the results sports have improved and the value of the team has doubled. "