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Christian Fuchs before leaving Leicester City? Brendan Rodgers wants a contract extension – ENGLISH FOOTBALL

by: Adam Smith


Christian Fuchs has a contract at Leicester City until next summer. Coach Brendan Rodgers is apparently trying to convince the former FB captain to renew his contract.

He knows he won’t play much, but he knows what he trusts. I love working with him,” Rodgers said of the Daily mail City. “He is very strong tactically and can play several positions. He has trained very well throughout the season.

Fox himself is divided. His wife lives with their children in New York, and the 33-year-old visits them for a few days every three weeks. “Actually, I wanted to move to the U.S. with my family last summer, but because of Brendan Rodgers I extended again,” Fuchs said in an interview with Socrates.

He added: “I don’t know what’s going to happen next. It’s a tough decision because I love Leicester on the one hand, but it hurts to miss so many important moments in my children’s development.”

Fuchs describes his coach Rodgers, who plans to hold talks on a contract extension in the coming days and weeks, as a “phenomenal coach, both tactically and in terms of team leadership.”

Leicester City converted under Brendan Rodgers

The Northern Irishman managed to transform Leicester from a counter-attacking team to a ball-possession team in no time. “Right now we’re playing completely different football, which is extremely good for us, the players and fans. All the players were behind him from the beginning. He pays very good attention to everyone’s needs,” Fuchs said.

Fuchs has made 14 appearances so far this season, six in cup competitions, eight of them in the Premier League. Ben Chilwell was usually placed on the left side of the four-man roster, and Fuchs was often not even in the team. However, in recent months and years, the left defender has built a real empire for the period after his active career.

In addition to his fashion brand #NoFuchsGiven, he has been running a football academy in the United States for a few months now, but he also has roots in England and Austria. “In Austria, this is an additional training for talented footballers in addition to their regular club training,” said Fuchs. “In exchange for a payment, we offer players units with professional coaches and at the same time the opportunity to be discovered by the big Scourts clubs.”